It’s my birthday so to celebrate I’m taking how to look young! – sarcasm included.

This blog post includes some press samples a pinch of sarcasm and is fuelled by wine. Enjoy.

It’s my birthday this week -as it was brought to my attention- so I thought I take this opportunity to reflect on the aspects of skincare and preservation. I’m twenty-six. I’ve been twenty-six a few times in a row now. Probably, more times, than it’s legal. I don’t think I’m doing terribly with the way my body is treating me and I’m very grateful for it. I’m not going to talk about anything radical, just the basic stuff.

How to look younger longer? The preservation is key.

Firstly, don’t forget about anti-oxidants. Once you are on the second glass of vino, you won’t be saying it’s only a buzz word. You’d genuinely believe it is making you younger with every sip. Anti-oxidants in skincare are beneficial too. I had probably too much wine by now to look for relevant links. Google it if you doubt me. I have been incorporating anti-oxidants (in other forms than wine) into my skincare, and I do believe they gave me at least fresh looking skin.

The serious stuff that keeps your skin younger for longer.

I believe that using sun protection had the most significant impact on the condition of my skin. I ALWAYS use SPF, all year round. I know there is a hype about it being toxic and what not, which is a recent trend. Luckily it hasn’t taken over the world just yet. If you want to talk about toxins, you need to talk about levels because chemical substances are toxic at a certain level, to my knowledge. Plus, we are living in a chemical soup of mankind making, breathing it in, day in day out; I doubt your sun protection product is any worst than that. I’m happy to risk it with an SPF in order to keep my skin protected from sun damage and all the risks related to sun exposure. So far I am doing ok, I think. I had a few skin scans which show hardly any sun damage so I will continue to use sun protection products.

I live in the UK; there is no sun here.

You see, tan and sun damage are two different things. The rays that damage your skin penetrate via glass and clouds, so even in the UK when it’s worth using SPF.
A few months back I was sent SPF product from EVY Technology. They specialise in sun protection and gosh it is good. This product feels weightless on the skin which makes it perfect for everyday use.
I have also been testing an SPF 50 sun protection recently with Gradual Tan from Skinny Tan. Skinny Tan, you made me very happy. I don’t need to self-tan, but after working for years in the beauty industry, I know many women who would rather risk their skin health than pass on tan. Now, they can sunbathe safely and make sure they have tanned body — 10 out of 10 from me. Here I found it with SPF 30.

How to look young? The art of avoiding the Sun.

I do everything not to tan when I’m in a sunny destination, and that’s probably another reason my skin is free from pigmentation and lines.
I remember shooting a Coca-Cola commercial when I was twenty. We were on the beach from 4 am filming all day. Despite the production team covering me with SPF all day long, I was brown the next day. I remember looking in the mirror thinking that tan (even on my young twenty-year-old skin) made me look so much older. I felt like it aged me by a decade. That’s when I decided to protect myself and avoid sunbathing. The week worth of suntan wasn’t worth it for me.

Move a little.

I run because I like sports. I always used to be sporty, and I missed it when I had a long gap of inactivity. Running, brought me back to life. It’s my ‘me time’. Being active allows me to have a glass of wine (or 3 like tonight) and keep the body I am happy in.

Also, to clarify I am not twenty-six. :)

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