Weekly Product feature – Rose by L’Occitane review.

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Today L’Occitane has launched their new fragrance, Rose. They uplifted and modernised it with invigorated ingredients. Unlike other scents on offer L’Occitan designed ‘Rose’ allowing you to layer it with the mood enhancing scents. Therefore, now you can match the fragrance to the way you feel.

Rose was always a staple among L’Occitne fragrance collection. New, Rose has a hint of pink pepper, and I like a fragrance with a little bit of spice. There are also lychee and raspberry accords to give the perfume a modern feel. Similarly, brands which used to have a classic rose fragrance in the collection are jazzing up the classic because no one anymore wants that oldfashioned smell of rose.

More than just a rose.

Born in Provence L’Occiane captured in the Eau The Toilette roses which come from the region too. It doesn’t end there. There are multiple types of roses, all with its distinctive smell. If you ever have a chance you should smell pure rose oils of various rose types; it’s mindblowing.
In the Rose, L’Occitane incapsulated Rosa Centifolia Rosa Damascena absolute with a touch of violet leaf.

Three of my favourite things.

At the base of this scent are three of my favourite ingredients; patchouli, amber and white musk. I think the last smell that I loved wearing and had similar notes was from Trussardi. I’ve reviewed over here.

Mod boosters

L’occitane lets you customise your fragrance to match your mood. Brilliant marketing move :) Yes, the smell changes a little when you layer both, but you don’t have to worry it’ll clash. I’ve worn it alone an layered with the Full of Joie De Vivre. I enjoyed it both ways.

  • ‘Burst fo cheerfulness’ is supposed to boost your mood as it has floral and fruity character.
  • ‘Burst of Relaxation’ infused with watery notes is designed to deepen the sense of calmness.
  • ‘Burst of Vitality’ full of floral-citrus notes promises to boost your energy and enthusiasm levels.

You can shop for the collection here.

Have you tried any fragrance from L’Occitane before?

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