Is multimasking good for your skin?

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Here I am too, joining the craze of multimasking.

Some products in this post were sent to me as press samples. There are some affilate links in the post too.

Unless you’be been hiding in the cave you must have heard about this new trend. Heavily marketed by beauty concerns to shift more of their face masks. Multimasking has become Instagram famous too. You can now spot bloggers and celebrities posting bathroom selfies while they are ‘multimasking’. But is multimasking good for your skin?

Multimaskin – A marketing trend with benefits.

The Body Shop Mediteranean Almond Milk with oats instant soothing mask #senstiveskin #facemask

It might have been a genius marketing idea to boost sales of face masks, but this time it’s a trend that is beneficial for our skin too. The campaigns which were design to entice us to purchase multiple masks ended up educating us that it is okay to use more than one face mask at the same time. This technique helps to address multiple skin concerns all in one go.

What is multimasking?

It’s when you use more than one face mask at the same time apply it by zone. Multimasking is good for your skin because it is forcing you to analyse your skin and be conscious of what you use and why. So you might want to use a purifying mask on your forehead and nose and hydrating mask on your cheeks.

Is multitasking good for your skin? Choose what mask you need and use it in the area where it will benefit your skin. #mulitmaksing #selflove

Multimasking answering the lifestyle needs.

Finding time to unwind and to take care of ourselves has become challenging in the fast-paced communities we live in. The multimasking is good for your skin because it fits-in with busy lifestyles, allowing us to do more at once. It made moments of calm more popular again.

Masks you should try.

The selection is vast; however today I’d like to share with you some of my old time favourites along with a couple of new discoveries. Some are harder to get hold of than others, but worth every penny.

Silica Mud Mask from Blue Lagoon – for the problematic skin as well as for anyone with redness and inflammation. The silica comes from Blue Lagoon in Iceland and works wonders for the skin. I went through two tubs only the very first one was triple the size because it was before the times Blue Lagoon has become a massive tourist attraction. The mask is excellent and now they ship to the UK.

Erborian ‘Magic Transformask‘ – This new mask is one for those who like a little bit of magic. It helps to purify your skin and refine your skin texture. First, as you apply it to your skin this mask was developed to pink up dirt then it turns into powder to purify your skin. Finally, when you wash it off it leaves your skin with a little bit of pink sparkle. See I told you this one is for you if you like a little bit of ‘unicorn dust’ in your life. It is available here.

A set of face mask for multitasking, #vanities #multimasking #pinkclay #magictransformask

Emma Hardie Pink Clay Mask – This is clay and enzyme mask. Developed to purify your skin, refine pores and give your complexion smooth feel and glowing look. I like it a lot because I can feel and see the results yet it doesn’t irritate my skin. You can grab it here or read a full review over here.

The Body Shop Instant Soothing Maks – It’s a vegan mask. Perfect for hydrating and soothing sensitive skin. It does look a little like porridge but it’s lovely for sensitive skin. I wrote a full review here.

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Clay Mask – This mask is both hydrating and purifying for baby-smooth skin. I use this mask to prep my skin before a big event or when I want my makeup to look flawless. I love, love, love it. It reduces skin redness and gives that radiant glow from within. Charlotte’s Goddess Clay Mask has the power to rehydrate your skin and give it a refined smooth finish too. It smells great too. I have been using now for years. If you haven’t had a chance to try it yet, you should! I always buy it from Charlotte Tilbury website.

What is your favourite face mask?

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