Rewarding yourself can change everything.

Sunrise from Live-Bio, Greece, Porors
Sunrise I captured from the terrace at Live-Bio. Greece, Poros.

Sometimes, it’s hard to notice what we accomplished as so little work we do is tangible. We often seek others to be proud of us, but this behaviour isn’t helping us either. Instead you should start rewarding youself.

Upon reflecting on it with a group of friends, I decided to introduce a new habit. From now on I shall set a reward for reaching my goals. You’d be surprised how much more satisfied you’ll be after smashing your goals and celebrating the win. You will find yourself more determined to accomplish your next challenge.

Simple is best.

There is no rocket science to goal setting just a little bit of commitment.
Set a goal!
Measure it! How will you know you have achieved your goal?
Now, choose the appropriate reward. When you accomplish it and tick it off your to-do list, celebrate!! Be proud and celebrate by rewarding yourself, because you are the only person that needs to be happy with your accomplishments. These are your dreams and your targets.

Know yourself.

You will know best. I use small rewards for achieving goals which are parts of a significant project, and I something extra scpecial for big goals.

Crack a bottle of Champagne.

Even take-away tastes better accompanied by a glass full of joyful bubbles.
A perfect treat to celebrate smaller achievements.

Life is too short to use Radox.

MOR’s Bohemienne collection. Social beautify, #bedtimeroutine #bodycare #pinkandgrey

I like to buy items that are sensorial and make days a tiny bit brighter. A shower gel that is too pricey to buy it without an occasion, or a body lotion to go with your fragrance makes a perfect little gift to self. I’m minimalistic and don’t often buy things. So when I do, I like them to be sensorial. I enjoy the moment when I use it, and it makes routine tasks pleasurable.
Currently, my in the shower treat is from MOR’s Bohemienne collection. It has one of my favourite ingredients. Jasmine! They come in a massive 500ml bottles, so I reckon I’d be smelling of orange blossom and jasmine for the next six months for sure. Oh, and the formula of the body lotion is spot-on. One that you can apply and still be able to put on your skinny jeans. Cos, that’s important!

Candle is alway a good idea.

I’m a do-er. I don’t hold things. But whenever I see a candle, I want to buy it. Not an eco-friendly habit, I swear I contribute to global warming with the number of candles I burn, but they help me to relax. Again a sensorial object. I like to make my relaxing space cosy. The candle is from Le Couvent des Minimes, for a change I didn’t buy it, this one was a PR gift. I keep it in my bedroom because the sent is perfectly balanced. Enough to fill my room with a smell of Juniper but settle not to overpower the air in my bedroom. It’s a french brand that I never tried before. A creature of habits, I buy what I know.

Time out for yourself.

The view from Live-Bio, Poros, Greece.

How about if your reward is also a goal?
I adore working from the Live-Bio terrace in Grece. A boutique hotel run by my gorgeous friend. Only I don’t go there often enough. This year I will make up for it. The sunrises from Live-Bio patio are magnificent. I love waking up extra early to watch the sun slowly rising.
You have to admit it is a splendid office view. In the evenings I can catch up with my gorgeous friend.
I don’t mind going away there to work. Come on, would you? I find my creativity is thriving there, so it is my goal to visit my friends more often. The reward, lovely weekends sailing, evenings spent eating delicious food and chatting until late at night.

community area Live-Bio, Poros, Greece.
This deck is perfect for chillout and to watch the sunrise.
Rewarding yourself with a Sunrise from Live-Bio, Greece, Porors
Girl on the steps on Poros, Greece at sunset.

Feel the achievement.

Seriously, this list could go on and on. The point is to make sure you do something to acknowledge your achievements in a way that you can feel that you have done it. The celebration will fill you with even more determination to work harder.

Oh, and when you are setting your goals and 0 is easy, and 10 is impossible, aim for 9. It should be tough.

Now it’s your turn. What have you set up as a reward for hitting your next target?

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