HiMirror. Are we ready for this futuristic gadget?

Here is a mirror that can talk. It probably won’t say “you are the fairest of them all”, but apparently it can tell you a lot about the condition of your skin. The question is, are you ready to hear what it has to offer?

Sit down, make yourself a cup of tea and let’s see if you could use some advice from the latest scientific gadget.

Mirror to advise you on skin care. 

HiMirror is a futuristic gadget to satisfy our vanity. On a serious note, I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking care of your skin. After all, you only have one body for life. It pays off, in the long run, to look after it and if a gadget can guide you to make better skincare choices, I say hell yes!

HiMirror can give you personalised skin care tips based on your skin analyses. All done from the comfort of your home thanks to the camera build into HiMirror, and of course the software to analyse your image.

You can track how your skin condition is changing and check if the products you use are effective. HiMirror can even suggest some products to use. It’s a futuristic gadget, which works with Alexa and all the google jazz too, because we must be able to order moisturiser when we have our morning coffee in one hand and beauty blender in the other!

HiMirror to keep you conected. 

HiMirror providing beauty tips

Thanks to HiMirror I know what the weather’s like before I even lift my blinds! Yes, HiMirror has the weather forecast build into it.

Nothing else makes such a good start to your day, as being able to check your Instagram feed and throw a few likes out whilst powdering your nose. 

Did I mention YouTube?  You truly can spend a day looking in the mirror. ‘At’ the mirror rather than into it.

Sarcasm aside…

I think this gadget has the potential, but it needs to get better. Why?

Firstly, the technology isn’t there yet. The condition of our skin can change daily, and many factors can have an impact on it. On one given day HiMorrir told me I have skin pigmentation when in fact I had breakouts flare up. There is more to spot-on skincare recommendation than just looking at the surface. You can’t explain to a mirror your lifestyle choices or past skin history, which might have a great impact on how your skin looks today. So no point being recommended a dark spot correction product if you aren’t going to use an SPF product alongside it. HiMirror provides small snippets of beauty advice, but it is basic and generic.  

Secondly, instead of empowering woman it can do the opposite because it can and often will point out skin issues which previously were not concerning the individual.

Imagine a woman who sits for the first time in front of the HiMirror to analyse her skin. She has some wrinkles and wants to find a product to help her smooth them out. She suspects some sun damage too. She’s excited about the skin analysis tool because she can do it at home, she feels intimidated by gorgeous women on the beauty counters. She takes her first image and lets HiMirror analyse it. Now, she finds out that she has enlarged pores too. How do you think she feels?

I don’t have all the answers, but I worked long enough with women and in the beauty industry to guestimate she will feel low. For those with low self-esteem, a gadget without advanced technology that is genuinely spot on can be as damaging as empowering.

 Off subject slightly, but the skin has pores. It is natural. 

The product recommendations

For now, there aren’t many products the HiMirror can recommend. You will have to do your research and go shopping old school style. 

The mirror feature? 

Let’s talk about the mirror now. I love the fact there is light built in and you can even adjust the light intensity to check how your makeup will look in various settings. However, the mirror quality isn’t that great. Sorry, HiMirror, but you need to nail the basic function of your gadget first. The glass of the mirror appears tinted. As the mirror acts as a screen your reflection isn’t as clear and sharp as it would be in a traditional mirror. 

Instead of adding Instagram and YouTube I’d suggest perfecting the mirror itself first. 

The skin analysis tool has to come as one of the top features that sets it apart, but the technology needs to get better. It’s an exciting and clever concept that could be revolutionary with a few tweaks. I am looking forward to what HiMirror will release next

Would love to hear your thought on the gadget. 

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