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Trussardi Sound of Donna fragrance bottle

Nowadays brands sell a dream when they talk about scent. Turssardi Sound of Donna is for a “rebellious and modern woman! Women who adore music, life and the opportunities thrown at them.” The list of adjectives goes on… but ultimately the scent needs to be you!

Is there a season for a scent? 

The fragrance is warm with woody notes, so it feels right paired with a cosy jumper. I detect fruit notes too, which in my opinion makes it current. I like fragrances with a bit of depth at any time of the year, but they feel right for me during winter. In the summer I often chose something a bit lighter something that smells cold. Maybe that why I change a little depending on the season, but ultimately there is no right and wrong. The only rule I stick to is to make sure you wear what you like. 

About Sound of Donna.

According to Trussardi the Sound of Dona belongs to a new olfactory family.  It’s called oriental floral/gourmand/ woody which in a human language translate to floral oriental notes with a touch of those edible notes and finally a sprinkle of ingredients that give it the warm feel. 

  • Mandarin, Green Almond, Magnolia
  • Heliotrope flower, white tuberose, rose
  • ‘Mont Blanc’ accord, sandalwood, patchouli

Fun fact: Patchouli is an aphrodisiac. 

Trussardi Sound of Donna is available in:

  • 100ml Eau de Parfum – £89
  • 50ml Eau de Parfum – £67
  • 30ml Eau de Parfum – 30ml 

Thanks, Ewa 

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