Finding motivation…

How do I motivate myself? – You’ve asked. It’s not an exact science but here are a few tips which help me. When it comes to motivation, the principles are the same whatever you set out to do. So if you need fitness motivation or even if it’s achieving a different goal hopefully this post will give you some food for thought.

You probably already have everything it takes to stay motivated and to keep going. See opportunity on every corner!

Here is how I do it. I have shared my experience already with a few friends, and it’s helped them, maybe it’ll help you too!

The Need

Firstly, you have to have a need to do something because if someone else is pushing you to do things, but you don’t see the point or lack passion for it, you simply can’t be motivated. You need to be doing YOU! So – take some time alone. Go for a walk by yourself -only you and a notepad. Then think. Think about what you like about yourself and your life? What activities make you happy? Clear your mind on what you like or dislike because via this process you might decide that you NEED to do something to feel great.

Over a year ago, I felt like I wanted to find a dynamic exercise which will allow me to be more active. I wanted it to be free because I had a hectic lifestyle and was about to move, so I didn’t want to commit to a gym membership. I wanted to be able to do it anywhere I went so I decided to start running. If you told me that I’d be running 10K within three months, I’d probably have laughed! I never could sustain long-distance running. It turns out I was doing it all wrong. But the moment I felt I needed running, it didn’t take me long to put enough effort in. I found out how I should do it to get the best results and to build my fitness.

Therfore I focus on the ‘need’ when it comes to other aspects of my life too. Work, blog, passion projects -you name it because if you truly want something you are capable of enduring the journey.

The Choice

For me, ‘Choice’ is a magic word. Whatever you do should be your choice. Why? You must always be ready to deal with whatever consequences come out of your choice.

Things might not always go the way you wish. If they don’t, will you be ok with it? Will you be able to take it as an experience? Would you silk or be able to earn and move on? I believe if you truly make your own choices then the answer is YES. If you truly desire something it is much easier to overcome obstacles.

You should do things because you want to do them not because someone else wants you to pursue something. People will propose things to you. There isn’t anything wrong with it. Quickly review it in your mind. I also go with my gut which is often my secret weapon. I sometimes like to get out of my comfort zone. If I’m unsure I quickly assess how much the situation excites me versus how much it makes me feel uncomfortable. If excitement wins I set the line I don’t want to cross and go with the flow.

The Purpose

Ewa from Scoial Beautify mid run selfie. - finding motivation
Mid run selfie :) 

Also, I like to know the purpose behind things I choose to do. I love to create things in my life that have a bigger/ more significant impact and focus on something more than just me.

I run because it means I feel good. It has a purpose in my routine for the reason that it gives me thinking time. It’s my mental space to tackle and find solutions to problems. Or other days my time to switch off entirely and give my mind a well-deserved rest. The purpose here is centred around my wellbeing.

In contrast, I write a blog because I enjoy the process and if I can use this means to inspire or empower. If via writing and sharing content I can help even one person than I’m even happier. So here the purpose stretches beyond me.

With purpose obstacles disappear. They become broken things that only need fixing.

The Joy 

The joy should be in the process as much as in the outcome because if you want to find motivation for sport or to achieve something, or if you want to learn a new skill you must certainly enjoy the process of learning as well. The road to the destination is rarely straight, and you often can’t even see the finish line. As long as you have fun along the way, you’ll get there.

Finding motivation via Inspiration

Finding Motivation - Social Beautify

Finally, surround yourself with people who are going to inspire you. Therefore, don’t limit your thinking to friends only. I draw inspiration from podcasts friends and people I work with. Influencers. Consequently, when you find the right person, they don’t even have to say much to get you going. It’s about telling the right thing.

Now, I’d love to know what are you going to achieve!? Leave me a comment.


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