5 exercises to strengthen your booty & glutes for running.

Socialbeautify and Emily from Swiftfitlondon

Today, I invited Emily, London based personal trainer, to show us 5 exercises to strengthen your booty & glutes. They will also help if you feel your knees when you run. Strengthening your hips helps to take pressure off your knees. You can add them to your running routine or do at home to shape up those muscles. Emily is also going to share with us a piece of kit which is under £5 and will enable you to get better results out most exercises we share today.

Why should you listen to Emily?

Emily is a personal trainer and a Pilates instructor. She also specialises in pre and postnatal exercises. You can find her on Instagram @swiftfitlondon or simply drop her an email at swiftfitlondon@gmail.com. She’s super friendly, so don’t be shy. If you need some guidance or don’t know where to start but you’d like to get fitter, she’s perfect to set you up for success.

Watch and ask!

In the meantime here is the video with the first 5 exercises. If you have any questions to Emily feel free to ask on here or comment on the video and I’ll make sure she will answer them. Don’t be shy and let us know what else you’d like to see too.

Will you feel better for it? 

I had a lot of fun working on this content with Emilly so my workout, by all means, wasn’t intense on that day. Surprisingly, the next day I felt all the muscles groups we worked on. I’m getting the bands and sticking with those exercises for sure. 

Useful links. 

The Physical Company bands:


Now enjoy the video.

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