Clarins Autumn 2018 Makeup Collection review.

Clarins autumn 2018 makeup collection

The summer was lush and even if you still sitting in your ‘Havanas’ the winter is inevitably coming. I’m going to mark the arrival of Autumn (*sobs here a little) with the release of Clarins Autumn 2018 Makeup Collection.  The collection is simple yet pretty.

What’s in the collection?

There are only three new items.

  • a mascara
  • a gel eyeliner
  • three shades of ombre lipsticks

Nice and simple. You won’t get confused.


Clarins Autumn 2018 – the eyes

Ewa from SocialBeautify applying mascara from Clarins Autumn 2018 makeup collection

the Limited Edition Mascara Supra Volume £22.a This isn’t a new product but one that got a makeover.  It is still the same double volume mascara but in a nice session packaging. This mascara provides ultra-long looking lashes. It has an intensely dark black colour and a glossy finish. I haven’t reviewed it here before so I thought I pop a pic of me applying it to my eyelashes. I like it a lot. You don’t need to go over and over again to achieve results and my eyelashes were left separated, how I like them. I can’t fault it. If you want to see it in action, check my video review of the collection.

The ombre lips form Clarins for Autumn 2018


Ewa Wearing Clarins Autumn Collection #showusyourclarins #clarinsmakeup #boldlips It looks like the ombre trend on the lips is returning this season, but Clarins Autumn 2018 makeup collection is trying to make it easy.  They designed the lipsticks in a way we can achieve this effect at 7 am in the morning when doing our makeup with the eyes half closed and with only 5 minutes to do so. How?

The collections feature three ombre shades. The lipsticks have a slice of a second shade put through them to give you this effect upon application. Great idea, right, but does it work?

Well. I have a favourite but you might need to watch my video to find out which one it is. I don’t think the effect is visible on one of the shades but with the other two, you can certainly spot there is something going on. Ultimately, you want it to be a settle difference. You should not look like you have a lips split in half, oh no!

The Jolie Rouge texture is moisturising and creamy. I like it because it looks good on the lips even when you wear very minimal makeup. On this pictures, I have a CC cream and mascara only. You can, of course, wear it too with full face makeup but some textures, particularly matt finish lip products tend to look better with more makeup on the skin, otherwise, something feels out of balance and it looks wired in my opinion.

The Eyeliner

The collection features also a pot of gel eyeliner in black. I’m afraid I haven’t had a chance to try it, so if you did let us all know your thoughts.

Look into the season trends.

I got used to seeing a vast amount of new products released with limited edition collections, so when I noticed this collection has only 3 at first I was disappointed. Is this it? But then I thought… Genius. Clarins’ approach to makeup was always about enhancing women’s natural beauty. This is supposed to be a brand for everyone offering you products, which you can wear daily. What every woman wears daily? Well… pretty much every single of us wears a mascara and a lipstick. Hello, smart marketing!!  We want to change makeup colours we use as we change our wardrobe and there is no easier way to do it other than a lipstick. Mascara-wise, well every woman always needs a mascara and for hygiene reasons, you should change it roughly every three months. If you find your mascara is dry and comes off the tips of your eyelashes, you most certainly need a new one.

Overall, I think the collection is for everyone despite the playful element of the packaging and ombre lipsticks.

You can find it on the Clarins website. 

*features pr samples


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