Sensitive Skin Mask – The Body Shop Mediterranean Almond Milk with Oats Soothing mask

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Constant irritation, redness and oversensitivity of your skin are frustrating. Don’t try to cover it with a lot of slap. Makeup won’t help sensitive skin feel any better. In fact, covering it with makeup is only an escape from solving the issue of skin sensitivity. Try Instant soothing mask instead. There is a great new, 100% vegan mask infused with prebiotics from The Body Shop.  This instant soothing mask will calm your skin, this way you can try to fight the problem not hide it.

Instant soothing mask – Why you should have one in your routine?

Think for a second how uncomfortable and irritated your skin feels at times. Now, think that you can sooth that feeling with a right product. Masks are a great add-on to your regular routine as they infuse skin with the ingredients to the optimal lever but the effect usually last for a day or so. Masks are often packed with actives to deliver faster results so often you’ll need only 10 maybe 15 minutes to see results.  A mask isn’t always a solution to all the dilemmas of sensitive skin, but along with the skincare routine fitted to your skin needs the mask can be a great aid to keep your skin balanced.

Make Sensitive Skin Smile

The Body Shop Mediterranean Almond Milk with oats instant soothing mask #senstiveskin #facemask

The Body Shop has a range of products suitable for sensitive skin. New, Mediterranean almond Milk with Oats instant soothing mask has now expanded the range, so let’s look what’s inside it to make your skin smile!

  • Oatmeal from the UK
  • Community Trade organic almond milk from Spain
  • Community Trade shea butter from Ghana
  • Community Trade organic aloe vera from Mexico

The test run.

Girl using a face maskThe new instant soothing mask has gorgeous creamy texture. The fragrance is delicate too. It does feel like you have a porridge smeared all over your face, but who cares if this can help to combat tightness and itchiness. The Body Shop claims this mask also gently exfoliates the skin to leave it feeling softer and smoother. Indeed, my skin felt soft and very supple each time I’ve used it. Now, I don’t have the most sensitive skin of all, so I tried it on a bad skin day when I had some inflammation. Where I had areas of redness I noticed also some flakiness. My skin, after 15 minutes with the mask on looked radiant, the redness was less apparent and it felt significantly smoother. I’ve followed with my usual CC cream.  I felt the results were better to what I was expecting.

If you had a chance to try this maks and you suffer from extremely sensitive skin it would be great to hear if it was also effective.

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