Erborian capsule mask – weekly product feature.

Erborian Capsule Mask Capsules masks, which Erborian has launched the other month are quite new to the UK. The concept has been around for some time in Korea but I haven’t seen any around in the UK. For frequent travellers or minimalists who don’t like to clutter bathroom shelves, Erborian capsule mask might be the answer to minimising on the products.

Erborian Capsule Mask concept

The idea behind the product is to let you hydrate the skin with the right product at the right time so that you can see the maximum benefits to your skin. The skin lotions in Korea have been somewhat of a hero product used by most women. The capsule mask lets you experience the fortified benefits of your lotion or toner. The mask comes in a small capsule form. It’s a sheet mask dried and folded to a small round shape so it fits within the capsule, therefore it’s travel-friendly. Perfect for anyone who has limited storage space too. In addition to its small size, the concept lets you use the product you already have. In the case of Erborian, you have a choice of 3 tonners which are providing your skin with different skin benefits.

How to use Erborian capsule mak.

The process is straightforward. Open the capsule and leave the mask in the pot, add to it the toner or your choice and wait for two minutes for the mask to soak it up. Your mask is now ready to use. Simply take it out, unfold and apply to your face. Pop it on and relax for a 10- 15 minutes.

The test run.

It was simple and easy to get my mask ready. I was trying to see if I can add more toner then recommended in the instructions. Don’t do it. Your maks won’t soak it up and you’ll waste your product.

After my mask soaked up most of the lotion, I popped it on and chilled on the sofa for about 10 minutes. I chose a toner which promotes skin radiance. I had a bad skin day and a late night so I wanted to revive my skin a little. My skin felt rehydrated and more supple. The glow was also prominent although I could still tell my skin was looking a little bit more tired than it does when I have a good night sleep. No surprise though, I hardly slept the night before.

Overall, I like the concept and will keep my remaining mask for travel because I like to have a mask to aid my skin after the flight or in case it flares up.

You can grab the masks here. £5 for a set of 3.

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