Another_Run – how to take your running to the next level.

Ok, so you’re a runner. Nice. I run too. I only started running over a year ago but when after 3 months I hit my first 10K I felt epic. Now, running is my ‘me time’. My headspace. When I run I can switch off completely which lets me recharge and appreciate what’s around me. The simple things. Sometimes, running is my thinking time.

Those who run like the freedom running brings. You can take it with you anywhere and do it whenever it suits you. But if you need motivation or want to take running to the next level try Another_Run with Another_Space London. I felt it was about time for me to try something new. I booked myself for Another_Run with Another_Space London and felt pushed to the edge of my limits and it felt incredibly exciting and rewarding.

Spice up your run and take running to the next level!

Building in the city of London on the background of blue sky

I visited  Another_Space London Bank studio. Another_Run is a fast-paced 5K run via the streets of London. Pretty views are guaranteed but you won’t have time to stop for a picture. I did and had to run fast to catch up with the rest.  The aim of the run is to push you to your limits but fear not, you’d have a lot of fun along the way. There are 3 HIIT stations to look forward to during the run.  That’s what makes all the difference. You’d feel your legs shaking. Your back muscles will be burning.  And if running is all you’ve been doing you will definitely feel you have other muscles too.

You don’t need to join the gym, you simply pay as you go. I like this approach. So, you can come to the run once and see how it goes. I’m sure you’d like to come again. I will.

Until you hit the first bridge.

If you’re a runner you’d probably find it easy up till the first bridge. After the bridge, there is a first HIIT station where you’d work on various fast-paced exercises.  The exercises focus most on the lower body and cardio. You’ll be moving fast. Keep going until you can’t move any more. There will always be ten more seconds to go! When you feel you’re done it’ll be time to run again to the next bridge.

On the next bridge, you’d get some speed.

take running to the next level - Girl sprinting across the bridge

Next, it’s time for sprint sections. Here you will sprint back and forth across the bridge. It felt like this was the easiest of the HIIT stations, but only when I started running again I could feel my body was more tired that it would usually be after running the same distance. I had to push myself to run within my usual tempo. At this point, I knew I’d truly deserve my dinner that night.


10 seconds more.

Third and final HIIT station was the most fun for me.  Exercises were versatile and tough. At this point, you know you are close to the studio and there isn’t much running left so you can push yourself very hard. The group environment helps to stay focused and motivated. This time the extra ten seconds feels a little like torture.  The Another Run instructors, Jamie and Amanda will make sure of that.


When you finally make it back

Ewa back in the Anather Space Studio with Amanda and Jamie - the running instructors.

Bak at the studio you’ll stretch and have a smoothie waiting for you. I absolutely felt like I’ve deserved it and after much effort, it tasted like the best smoothie ever.

I felt energised and exhausted at the same time. I will definitely be back. I might not be back every week because I simply love my riverside run, but I think it’ll be great to add it as an activity to my usual routine.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know I share an occasional snap or two from my running and I can’t remember when I had so many DM’s as I did when I shared the stories from Another_Run. Thank you to everyone who said hello :) If you don’t follow me on there yet, what are you waiting for? Find me here!!!

For more info about Another_Space click here.  


I hope you enjoy the fitness addition to my blog.



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