Simple way to a natural bronzed look. Tips and tools.


Tools to a natural bronzed look

Summer does it to us. We all want to look like a bond girl. We want to be the reincarnation of Giselle. The Golden Goddess that turns heads and makes everyone scream with envy.  I’m talking here of the situation when you imagine yourself walking down the street in slow motion with a natural bronzed look!

Ewa Social Beautify blogger wearing Erboium Copper Glow, natural bronzed look

Your skin feels soft and smooth like satin. Immagine your skin with a perfect golden glow, looking healthy. You feel confident, gorgeous and you love yourself. 

The dream against reality 

Then you manage to make it to the bathroom, look in the mirror and scream with shock. There is no golden glow. The self-tan you’ve applied before bedtime has most certainly gone wrong. 

Shit what to do? 

In the best case scenario, you’ll end up applying all the dewy primers you have. After all, you’ve read somewhere on the internet that light reflecting products help to blurs the imperfections. Sure! Then you follow with that tan enhancing primer and a little bit of bronzer here and there to even out the patches and voilà, you look like the cast of made in Essex. 

You were trying to go for sophistication, and the golden glow fit for the red carpet, not the Umpa Lumpa look. 

The key to making the Golden Glow look good!

Two things matter here. Firstly, don’t be so heavy-handed. Finesse my darling is essential when playing with bronzer. Remember less is more. Honestly, use half the amount of the product you usually do, and you’d achieve the look you want. Remember to be light-handed with it too. 

Secondly, the product you use will make a huge difference. Remember, you are using something that is darker than your skin. The texture must be superb for it to look natural and even. You should see the results on the skin, not the product sitting on top of your complexion. 

Your summer complexion enhancers hot list for a natural bronzed look.

You’ll fall in love with this Erborian as I did after using the CC cream. The quality of products is fantastic and when you are creating a natural bronzed look the textures play a very important role.

  • For the summer skin, BB cream is leading the way. It will even out your complexion and provide a settle glow. At the same time, it appears like you have nothing on your skin. If your complexion is half decent, then you won’t even need to use a concealer. I don’t use powder either.  (45ml £36). 
  • CC cream is for you if all you want is a healthy-looking complexion without coverage. Skin improvement is visible, but at the same time, it doesn’t cover imperfections (or accidental love bites – yeh, unfortunately, I’m talking from experience). 
  • Copper Glow Bronze Compact is perfect in the heat when you don’t want to layer anything on your skin.  Products that feel ultralight, for smooth and soft like satin skin. There is absolutely no powder look to it. Its weightless formula wowed me.  It adapts to any complexion. I find it more than just a bronzer but much lighter than a traditional compact foundation product. Designed to give you sun-kissed looking skin, be light handed with it and ensure even application regardless to the colour adaptive technology. The formula is gorgeous, so it’s super easy to achieve even look. (£34)

Now, go and create a natural bronzed look to turns peoples heads.


Ewa x


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