Love letter scents in a bottle. New perfumes from Younique.

Most of us had a perfume that we loved or one that reminds us of something we experienced.
How would you feel if we could bottle a love story?

This is possible as the sense of smell is one that is the rawest within us. It bypasses our consciousness so when we smell something or someone :) it evokes emotions. Therefore, I always say if you have a favourite perfume, make sure to make good memories when you wear it.

Younique has launched a new range of perfumes.

There are three new fragrances out on the market from the brand called Younique.
Younique Co-founder Melanie Huscroft designed this range with a personal touch. She tried to reflect the true story of her romance within each of the new fragrances.

The love story behind Younique Fragrance Collection.

Melanie wrote love letters for 2 years – to her now-husband- while they lived in different countries and used to spritz them with her favourite perfume at the time. It was that personal touch and the meaning she wanted to reflect in her new fragrance collection.
Each letter had a unique farewell sign off too. Those sign-offs have later become the inspiration for the perfumes names. When Melanie came to create these three scents alongside Coty, she kept close to her heart the passionate memories of that period and the feeling of writing a physical letter to a loved one. Melanie wanted three signature scents to be hallmarks of lasting fidelity. She wanted the fragrance to represent the sensuality and warmth of the female spirit.

Tribute to love, it’s complexity and transformative strength.

Woman spraying love letter with a fragrance


This very personal love story brought to life three scents that now can be yours, to wear and to make memories. Use them to spritz your very own love letters to an absent loved one. You will write them, won’t you?

Passionately yours, me™

Passionately yours, me perfume by Younique

A warm fragrance that awakens your capacity for love, passion and life. This is a sophisticated composition created with perfumer Adriana Medina.

Top notes: ripe nashi pear, juicy cantaloupe, enticing passionflower
Heart: sheer tuberose, purple magnolia, pink dandelion
Base: velvety woods, white musk, vanilla

I think this scent is the sexiest of them all. I like its warm smell on the skin. Don’t confuse it with sweet, it is nothing like it. Passionately yours, me™, in my opinion, is very grown up and elegant. I tend to choose it for the evening because despite the strength it has a soft feel to it.

Dreaming of you, me™

Dreaming of you , me fragrance.

This is the more complex floral scent. I always used to say I don’t like that much floral fragrances but I do love this one. It’s fresh and modern. I think I know why I find it alluring. It has a couple of my favourite ingredients; suede and musk.

Top: cucumber, freesia,
Heart: tea blossom, lily of the valley, violet petals
Base suede, musk, sandalwood

This fragrance is the freshest of them all. I love wearing it now the air is hot. It is sparkly and a happy scent. I don’t smell the cucumber in it but suede and sandalwood. When I was a teenager my mother brought me from her travels a bracelet made of sandalwood. Now, when I smell my skin after Dreaming of you, me™ has settled despite the complexity of the perfume I can detect the familiar smell of sandalwood.

Yours and only yours, me™

I’m struggling to choose which of the three scents is my favourite, but if I had to pick just one, I think it will be Yours and only yours, me. Described by the brand as a fragrance “that echoes the optimism and warmth of an innocent heart. Vibrant, yet irresistibly sensual” – this is me through and through, isn’t it!!

Top notes: crisp leaves, tangle, blackcurrant
Heart: ylang-ylang, brilliant flowers, blonde woods
Base: ambrofix, sandalwood, vetiver

Melanie worked on this fragrance with the perfumer Linda Song.

I struggle to describe it. To me it’s moreish and I love wearing it. These fragrances come as an Eau de Toilette but I was amazed how long it lingers on the skin. The Yours and only yours, me™ has the perfect balance of freshness and sexiness in my opinion. I feel like this fragrance always changes. Once it smells more fruity and fresh. Next time I catch a trace of the fragrance I have the impression it turned more grown up and sophisticated. It is a perfect day to night perfume.

Are you a box keeper?

I rarely pay any attention to the box. Well, that’s a lie. I do but only when I unpack it and only from the perspective on how the packaging enhances my experience. I know, I’m mad like that. lol
It goes to the bin next. I certainly never talk about it. Not that I can remember. With so many modern designs around I think the classic boxes and bottles were a bold choice. Have you noticed that the boxes resemble an envelope?
When you know the story behind the fragrance, it makes sense. Don’t you think it’s a nice touch?

What should you know about Younique?

You might have heard about one or their products which become famous the 3D FIBER LASHES+ lash enhancer. This product was a massive hit for the brand and still is.

The Younique mission is to uplift, empower and build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products. Products which encourage inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment. The brand aims to create products which help women to love themselves. In the world full of beauty products which are marketed as solutions to ‘fix our faults’ this approach isn’t easy, so it’s refreshing to see a brand trying to achieve it.

You can purchase through a Presenter via the Younique website.

They come as 50ml Eau de toilette and cost £48

* This is a sponsored post

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