The naturally flushed cheeks for grownups. Blush do’s and don’ts.

Too Faced peaches and cream blush on Social Beautify #naturalmakeup #creamblusherA little bit of soft peachy or toned down pink blush can take yours off! Sure. It can make you look fresh but blush up to your ears and temples is not going to make you look youthful. It might also be time to upgrade your makeup bag. Too much of a blusher is more a witch kind of look than the fresh-faced naiad!!

Nah, there is a time in life when you need to be honest with yourself. Look in the mirror and get that blusher off your face. Rubbish attempt at keeping your youth. Let’s talk quickly about basic blush do’s and don’ts.

Blush for grown-ups rules! Your Do’s.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use a blush at all! Gosh no! The blusher is a great invention and does look gorgeous when done well. Here are some basic rules to keep you blusher looking good and your complexion free.

  • Firstly, I’m a believer that your blush should be the last product you apply, particularly if you’re less confident with makeup. When you already have product on your eyes and lips, it’s easier to decide how much of it you should put on.
  • Stay away from bold and bright colours, unless you’re a makeup pro and you know what you’re doing.
  • Smile when you apply it and keep your blusher to the apple of your cheeks. It’s supposed to make you look like you slightly flushed not like you’ve done a 10k run!
  • If your skin is dry or mature stick to premium textures which are pigmented so that you don’t see the powder on the surface of the skin. The cream blush is fabulous if you after the most natural look and product which won’t sit in lines and wrinkles. Fab on the dry skin too as it gives the more dewy finish.

Blush for grown-ups don’ts!

  • Don’t try to use bronzer as a blusher. It’ll make you look like you had a fight with mud and add five years to your appearance. Bronzer is to be used for contouring or to add warmth to your complexion.
  • Don’t apply a ton of product to later wipe it off with your hand. Less it more. Always start gently and add if you need. It will look better and last longer.
  • Don’t apply your blusher as the next step after your foundation. Foundation is designed to even out our skin so by nature it takes away all the colour from our complexion. We often feel we look a tad pale so add your contour, highlight and colour cosmetics such as lipstick and eyeshadows before you slap that blusher. Otherwise, you’ll feel like you have no colour in your skin and apply way too much of it.
  • Don’t apply your cream blusher after you powder your face so that it’s easier to evenly distribute it. You always can add more later on just remember to pat it lightly to avoid your makeup looking patchy.

The slightly childish blush that can be your blusher hero of the season.

Too Faced blusher collection summer 2018

A few weeks ago Too Faced launched the new collection called Peaches and Cream, available to Debenhams. With this rage, there are at least six shades of cream blushers. With cream to powder texture, they look natural and fresh.
The application is a doddle. You can use either fingers or brush. If you choose to use the brush I recommend you a buffing brush. I like to use Charlotte Tilbury Magic Complexion brush.

Those blushers have a slightly dewy finish which gives skin more youthful appearance. You can easily fake that naturally flushed cheeks with those.

Worth checking out!!

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