Clarins summer 2018 makeup collection review.

Ewa from Social Beautify blog wearing Clarins summer 2018 makeup collection

Let’s look at Clarins summer 2018 limited edition because the weather is perfect to enjoy the holiday makeup every day even in the UK.

The Complexion enhancers.

flatlay of products from Clarins summer 2-18 collection

There are two products in the Clarins Summer 2018 range to enhance your skin. Both will give you the sun-kissed look.

The SOS primers have two bronze additions; 06 bronze for a sunkissed look and 07 mocha to enhance deep skin tones. Great if you don’t like to use self-tan. I’m not the biggest fan of creamy bronzing products because I don’t feel the need to look darker than I am. However, this does come handy when I get a bit of tan and my face starts to look lighter than the rest of the body.

Bronzing Compact is great this season. It consists of three brown shades. No orange tones. Lovely silky texture, so you won’t see any powder on your skin. I think it’ll work best for light to medium skin tones. I like using the bronzing compact because I can lightly sweep it over high points of my face to achieve a more natural bronzed effect.

The gadget

4 colour eye and lip pen. Sure! When I first saw it, I thought that beauty can’t get more gimmicky than this. However, when I played with it I liked it. It makes a handy tool for the girl on the go or holidays as you have all in one place. Certainly brings an element of fun to Clarins Summer 2018 makeup.

The lips things 

Ewa Social Beautify in Clarins summer 2-18

You must try the lips stains. They are a new addition to the Clarins summer 2018 range. Launched for summer but I hope they will stay for good. Unlike other lip stains I’ve tried in the past those don’t dry my lips. They apply smoothly and evenly and won’t gather. I’ve been using it every day since I bought mine. I’m definitely going to stock up. An absolute winner. If you like your lips to look bare but with a hit of colure you must give those a go.

This season Clarins again released the Instant Light lip comfort oil, just in new shades to compliment the collection. Some of the oils have been introduced permanently into the range due to their success. They are fab if you want both lip care and lip colour. I have one in every bag. Can’t recommend them enough. 

Here is a short video if you’d like to see the collection in action.


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