Hot fragrances for summer 2018 – Social Beautify picks.

best fragrances for summer

I feel like this spring has seen many new and good perfumes launches I should share some of my favourites. Let’s look what fragrances are hot for summer 2018. I’ve selected some which I had a chance to try and enjoy the most. These are some of the best fragrances for summer.

Those pretty in pink fragrances

Amo Ferragamo fragrance bottle

First we’ve seen the early launch of Amo Ferragamo. This fragrance is fresh, but with a hint of blackcurrant, rhubarb and sandalwood it becomes playful. You can find more about it in this blog post or purchase it online here.

Next, is the new release from the house of Mugler. If you’re a Mugler girl, you won’t be disappointed because the new Alien Flora Futura has everything you’d expect from a Mugler scent. Thre is the traditional trail of familiarity to the original The breezy with a twist of modern and fresher notes. Breezy feel of it is spot on for summer. Find it here.

Angel Flora Futura bottle - Social Beautify blog

L’Occitane has also launched a new fresh version within the range Terre. New, Terre de Lumiere. This fragrance is girly and playful, so it’s perfect if you’d like a summer scent which is feminine, but not too floral or overpowering. You can buy it online directly from L’Occitane.

L'Occitane fragrance

Forever young #babesofmissguided 

Missguided launched only the other week two new scents. Boss Babe and Babe Dreams. Both the names and the packaging shouts young and funky. Those two might not be the most sophisticated fragrances of all, but they are a lot of fun. I prefer the smell of Boss Babe fragrance. It’s stronger and bolder, and I like it. Babe Dreams despite the fresher citrus notes is still too sweet for my liking. I love it on others though and find it surprisingly strong, not what I would expect from a sweet and citrus scent.

From the shelf with classics.

BERDOUES fragrances

There is sophistication is simplicity. Some of the greatest fine fragrances have the simplest accords and rout to the rare but long in use ingredients.

This spring I had eventually a chance to discover one of the BERDOUES fragrances, New addition to the Collection Grands Crus. The house of Berdoues have been making scents for over a hundred years, so it’s about time.  The new fragrance is called PENG LAI. It belongs to an Oriental floral family and its described as floral and fruity. It has one of my favourite ingredients, Tonca Bean, so I’m not surprised it rocks my boat. The hero ingredient in this perfume t is Chinese Osmanthus. You can buy it at John Lewis on via the link here.

The one that will make you sing.

Michael Bubble by Invitation Rose Gold - Social Beautify

Ok so, I’m not one for celebrity fragrances. But this time I think Michale Bubble has done a better job with By Invitation Rose Gold than the first time around with his original scent. Strong but feminine scent. If you liked the original, you’ll most certainly like this one too. The bottle looks pretty but it quite chunky so best left on your dressing table.

Show your hair some fragrance love.

I’m not too sure how late am I to the party, but recently I’ve tried Show Beauty fragrance for hair.  Show Beauty is a lush hair brand if you’re unaware. The smell is somewhat sweet and powdery. Quite a sexy scent. This fragrance is distinctive to all other show products. It’s developed to be used on your hair so it won’t be damaging your hair as usual fragrance might. I’m only not too sure how much I like the idea of it. I think it’s fab, but I don’t want my hair scent to overpower the fragrance I might be wearing. On the days when I did wear it, I enjoyed smelling it in my hair when it swished to the front. If you have a long hair, I can imagine it would be very nice too.


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