Multitasking, Multimasking. Neutrogena single use masks.

Ewa Social Beautify in the departure lounge, holding a paper and the mask in the hand.

Multimasking. Multitasking. Masking and taksking.

It appears that it’s not cool to find time to chill with a cup of herbal tea and a face mask on anymore. Nowadays, you should be a badass woman. You should #MaskandTask. The more you can do while masking the better. :)

On a serious note, it’s nice to see Neutrogena bringing to the market a range of single use masks to tackle various skin concerns. There are two formulas. The hydrogel material mask inspired by Korean masks. This technology for the last couple of years was mainly available from more high-end brands and came with a higher price tag too. Next, you have cream and clay pods.  Both the hydrogel and the pods come individually packed and cost £3.50 each. Pods are also for single use.

The single use masks to suit your lifestyle.

Neutrogena with this range wanted to give you a chance to use what you need and when you need. Packed in a small, handy to take away packaging means you can take them to the gym, or pack with you when you travel. I love single use masks because travel always messes up with my skin, so I like to have a few masks handy to rescue my skin.

The range of Hydra Recovery masks.

The texture of new Neutrogena Hydrogel Mask

The Recovery Masks are made of hydrogel and are packed with Neutrogena skin perfecting essence, the equivalent of a 30ml bottle of serum.

The range of Instant Boost Facial Cream and Clay Mask Pods.

single use masks

The pods contain one dose of an intensive live-on or rinse off formula. All masks are non-comedogenic. All of those masks can be used up to three times a week. The only mask that needs washing off is the Purifying  Boost, which is also the only one that will launch later on.


The road test.

I’ve slapped on the hydrogel mask on today. I was also masking and taking. I had my mask on was lying on the bed and listening to the radio at the same time. Does it count?

I’ve used the Radiance Boost. Yes, my skin looked more glowing. I woke up with clear skin and after the maks all I’ve put was some moisturiser and a cream blush. No makeup. My skin looked good enough.

I like them for the convenience. The cream is my preferred texture, as I do find it’s easier to #maskandtaks if you want to.

Who’s up for giving them a go?


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