New Brand Alert – Cocunat. Natural & toxic free beauty products.

Coconut Natural and toxic free beauty products.

Coconut claims to have natural and toxic free beauty product. Ultimately, I care primarily about the results. Because what is natural? Berries floating in water? Don’t even start me on toxic ingredients. Everyone puts whatever marketing claims they want on the bottle because consumers don’t even question the stuff. If we are talking about toxins, we should talk about the level of it. Take insulin, for example, it can save people lives, yet if you could take enough, to a toxic level, it will kill. Considering that I breathe daily the chemical soup of mankind making living in London, I go by results if I may. You lot can go toxic-free if this gonna give you restful sleep.

Natural and toxic free beauty products, if you dare to care.

For those of you who dare to care. Here is the full claim from Coconut.

Coconut is committed to being natural & toxic-free; cruelty free and 100% healthy, creating products using the best natural ingredients

The test

The Detox Cleansing Foam for Oily and Combination Skin was the first to be tested. My gosh, I liked it a lot. The skin felt clean yet hydrated. I used it often after cleansing with my old time favourite DHC face wash, to remove the oily residue from my skin. The smell didn’t wow me, but it wasn’t bad either. It was too sweet for my liking.

From the body range, I put to the test the Divine Balm. With Olive oil, propolis and beeswax, this product is excellent for dry skin, eczema or dermatitis. I don’t suffer from either but found it divine after the pedicure or to nourish the cuticles.

Divine Balm Cocunut toxic free beauty

Last, but not the least I had a chance to try Combination Skin Face Cream. It claims to be light in texture, and I agree it is. It doesn’t feel greasy. It absorbs fast and doesn’t live any product residue on the skin surface. I wasn’t putting to much hope in the moisturiser. I find many overpromise and underdeliver. It surprised me, how well it controls the shine. I committed to using it day and night to have a better understanding how well it’s working for me. I feel my skin is getting enough hydration too. For the price, this product is a steal. It also has the same smell as the face wash. I was able to get used to it with a moisturiser quickly.


combination skin moisturiser

The verdict. All the products I’ve tried had lovely textures, competitive with other brands out there. As a natural and cruelty-free brand, this gives them an advantage. Of curse, if you want toxic free beauty products, it ticks the box too.


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