What it takes to get rid of a tatto and how to do it right.

You have a tattoo, and now you think it wasn’t such marvellous decision after all.
Shit happens! There is always a tattoo removal procedure.

Maybe you had a good night.
Perhaps you thought it was a wise choice at the time.
Now you changed your mind. We all grow and change; it’s not an end of the world.
Sure, now it’s going to hurt both you and your purse. But with a bit of luck, there won’t be much left afterwards.

Your reasons may vary.

It’s huge and ugly, but in a drunken state you though you’re so rock and roll! Fine.
Oh, no it was the rebel part of you. I understand.
No. What then?
Oh, I see. Your sense of aesthetics has changed.
Ex boyfriend name. Bad choice babe. I don’t have to tell you that anyway.
If next time you decide to get a name tattooed choose your own. Man, this or the other but with yourself, you have to live the entire life. Kids names are optional. :)

First laser treatment on a tattoo.

Honesty, the reason you had it done doesn’t matter. Not anymore!
But if you made a wrong choice and got a crazy tattoo and what the stuff removed, don’t make another poor decision. Select your clinic wisely.
Know your stuff. Know what it takes to get rid of the tattoo.

It takes some cash, and you need to take some pain.
Are you ready?

Tattoo removal video. 

Good, because I went to Sk:n Clinic on Hayley Street and filmed for you a tattoo removal procedure. Watch the video to see how it’s done and what it takes.

Thank you to everyone involved.

Huge thank you to Sk:n Clinic to let me interfere with your day and film this video.



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