I’m all about the glowing skin!

I’m tired of listening from every angle; I have lines and wrinkles which I need to iron out! I’m all for a #glowmo. The world has gone mad about the glowing skin. Rightly so!

In my thirties, I’m not saying lines are the way to go. I still do all I can to keep my skin smooth in the most natural and non-invasive way, but without a shadow of a doubt, I find glowing skin is the deal breaker. I’m happy to pay for it too.

So here’s a list of the best product I’ve used to bring the glow back to my skin. No fluff – just product and shoppable link. Some are accessible, some dreadfully expensive.
If the glow is what you’re after here is your resource list. Get your card ready.

Don’t be dull!

In case you wonder, our complexion is a little dull because we have some mileage on your shoulders. With age, our cells start to slow down, and we just need a little extra help. Sure, sometimes I also think that a glass of wine in the evening is good enough to supply me with anti-oxidants to prevent premature again, but if you want to look hot, you’ll need a bit more effort!

Wine bottle effect.

I used to get away with no sleep and looking human. Today, a glass of vino in the evening might be my anti-oxidant defence system, enjoyable one as well. But when I have one too many, well, I wake up with the skin that looks like I haven’t slept for a week, unless I stick to some of my trusted skincare products.

The serious glow boosters.

Ever heard of an exfoliation? If you’re over 25 and you haven’t, I suggest you come out of the cave and catch up with the world.

Secondly, get that skin care routine supercharged with some glow boosters. Products enhanced with ingredients that help to promote the skin radiance and microcirculation. Below is the list categorised by product type. Enjoy

Now pass me my wine ;)

Skin Serum:

Double Serum
Cell Dynamic
Fresh beauty – anti-oxidant boost 

The cleansers

NIA hydrating face wash
NuBo face wash with glycolic acid.
Pixi Mud Cleanser 


DHC Astaxanthin
EviDence day moisturiser
Caudalie Vine Active 3 in 1
La Mer
Charlotte Tilbury Night Cream
Pixi Glowtion Day Dew


Dermalogica Charcoal Mask
NuBo Diamon Ice Glow Mask 
Fresh Beauty Firming Overnight Mask
Pixi Peel and Polish
Charlotte Tilbury – Goddess skin clay mask

Good old favourites

Glow Tonic Pixi
Alpha H – Liquid Gold
Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

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