The useful gift guide for Christmas and beyond.

I love giving presents, Christmas or not. I love the process of choosing it. I love watching people emotions when they receive their gifts. That’s the best part for me.

A book.

I love getting lost in books. I love how time doesn’t exist when you read something that is taking you on a journey. When people say they don’t like reading, I think they never discovered what moves them. Books let you daydream. I love books I learn from just or biographies. I dare to say I’d like them more than function.
For my close friends, I love buying books because I know them deeply so I can find one that’s going to touch the soft spot.

Here are a few I recently recommended or bought for some of my friends.
For those who need to grow some balls, see the life differently or just need to get their shit together. – The subtle art of not giving a F*Ck by Mark Manson.
For those with love for writing – Stephen King on writing. A memory fo the craft.
For those who like indulgent breakfast – POSH Toast, over 70 recipes for glorious things – on toast.
For women who are too critical of themselves to make the world a better place. – Playing Big by Tara Mohr.


A watch.

The Apple watch is on my wrist most of the time. Perfect for sports activities and to keep an eye on Social Media without having to glance on my phone all the time. But when I go for a fashionable look or I’d like to zen myself from the noise of Social Media; I put on my Daniel Wellington. I find a watch makes a great gift. Perfect for those friends who like to run late all the time or those who see watches as a fashion accessory. Daniel Wellington has some great classic styles and won’t break the bank either. I find there is something for everyone in the range and this year they have cute Christmas sets with additional watch strap. All wrapped up ready to go. If you go to to purchase your gifts, make sure to use my discount code for additional 15% off. My unique discount code is SOCIALBEAUTIFYDW.

A candle

The candle is probably the easiest way to make a house a home. Tho create a mood. The smell, the warmth it all makes us feel happy. I never saw a friend being disappointed with a candle and if it’s a luxury scented candle you’re can be sure it’ll go down well. If you are unsure about the scent, investigate what fragrance the person you’re buying for is using. Check the notes of the fragrance on the web and search for the candle with those notes. A little bit of effort and research can go a long way.

Here are some I find will always score:

Jo Malone – Wild Fig & Cassis
Molton Brown – Tobacco Absolute 

An experience

Be creative if you’re going down the beauty route. Don’t just get a moisturiser, unless it’s on ones wish list. Get an experience. A massage in a trendy salon in your part of the woods. Treatment or a weekend stay in a SPA. The SPA retreat could be a gift for both the receiver and the giver.

A gift with purpose 

The is no escape from the beauty products on the wish list. Nothing wrong with a scented body lotion, fancy shower gel or some other beauty potion. However, since Christmas is about giving I’d like to choose brands, which do a little good in return.

The Body Shop supports the community or environment. The products range in price which means you can find there stocking fillers or bigger gifts.

SPA of the World Blissful Body Collection


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