L’Occitane advent calendar 2017 for weekend travellers and beauty lovers.



I adore L’Occitane. My best friend who lived in France for years introduced me to this brand years ago. She thought me to pronounce the name correctly. She used to repeat L’Occitane in her French accent and made me say it until I got it right.

Suddenly it feels a lot like Christmas.

This season L’Occitan collection has more authentic and personal feel. I adore the cartoon-like design. Maybe it’s the childish design that makes me feel this way.
Every season brands race in an advent calendar game. I’m not always keen on all the offering. This year L’Occitane my cut

What’s behind the little door of Christmas countdown?

I’m not going to spoil it all for you. If you don’t want to know what’s inside and have a full experience, you are safe reading for now. I’ll give you a warning.
L’Occitane has a range of fantastic products from hair and body products to skincare. The shea butter hand cream is one of my old time favourite products. The Verbena range is one of my favourite for the shower.

What’s in it for you.

Now if you want a surprise I’d suggest you scroll down to shoppable link and don’t read or look at the images.

Ther are three different lines included in the calendar. If you’re a regular traveller, you’d adore this calendar. You might have seen L’Occitane products in hotels; these are the sizes included in your Advent Calendar. All of your gifts are a deluxe sample size. They make an ideal weekend products if you’re like me always out and about. You can test them for a few days before you commit to the range or product you like.

In this calendar my favourite range is verbena. But my little cousin loved the orange blossom range.

Don’t we all like a bit of a countdown?

Half of my Facebook friends are annoying me on a daily basis with all the countdown calendars. Counting down days to the holidays in Thailand, Morocco, or the trip to the moon and back. We might as well cont down days left till Christmas.

You can find L’Occitane¬†advent calendar here. There is also a Black Friday offer on the website. Hurry if you want to grab it at the discounted price.

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