Russian Leather by Molton Brown the collection overview.

It’s past dinner time. I’m lying on the sofa. Resting half of my body on his chest. I make sure the glass of red wine is in my reach. A little tired, I feel a bit hazy. The smell of the Russian Leather mixed with the scent of his skin comes and goes in waves gently waking my senses. The darkness unfolds. This fragrance has an absolute edge, and on him, it’s damn sexy!

You’re looking at the new Russian Leather collection from Molton Brown. Definitely, a grown-up fragrance for him.

It’s dark, it’s intense.

The smell is strong and quite mature. The letter is very distinctive and can make it feel a little old at first. However, I find it gets quite sexy after it’s been on the skin for a little while, but I’d use it sparingly. The scent of leather softens and the warm notes similar to amber and something smokey yet sweet start to surface.

Molton Brown has done it again! Russian Leather is just as an intoxicating scent for a man as spring realise of the Rosa Absolute was for ladies. I know this won’t be everybody’s piece of cake, but if you’re after a unique scent, I’d recommend you have a sniff.


This sent was created to awaken that darker part of your personality, allowing your rough edge to surface. Russian leather is known for its intense  distinctive smell and for that reason I’d rather smell it on him, even though I always say that luxurious sent doesn’t have sex.

“Ignite The Wilderness”

It’s unique. It certainly will leave a trail. The Russian Leather collection won’t be for everybody. I think this is a fragrance for someone who tried potent fragrances before and likes to be unique.

At the core of the scent is old leather accord but enhanced with fresh Siberian pine oil and trials of cade wood oil. Molton Brown hasn’t stopped there with the rare use of ingredients. Next unique element is birch oil, which was used to deepen the scent further. This oil was used to saturate Russian leather since 17th century giving it an unsurpassed durability and smell.

What’s in the collection. – Shoppable links

Russian Leather ETD 30ml – £39
Russian Leather Bath and Shower Gel – £20
Russian Leather Single Wick Candle – £39
Russian Leather Three Wick Candle – £60

So who’s up for a glass of red, some Russian Leather sexiness and cuddles?

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