Personalise your skincare with Bio-Extracts. New vegan skincare.

Bio-Extracts, vegan skincare

A few weeks ago together with a bunch of fellow bloggers from the ‘We are Thirty Plus’ bloggers collective; I attained a dinner celebrating a launch of new skincare brand BIO-EXTRACTS. It’s a vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand, which takes vegan beauty to the next level.

Let me share with you this new vegan skincare brand and be prepared to learn a little because this brand has some unique selling points and I’m sure some of you will love the concept.

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Where it all started BIO-EXTRACTS

Firstly it’s a family run business, not a big corporation, so passion and love for beauty play a crucial role. Products are vegan and cruelty-free. BIO-EXTRACTS use natural ingredients and biotechnology to extract the best what plants have to offer. That’s how vegan skincare become effective.

Marina, the founder of Nubo cosmetics, wanted to create a skincare range that will be highly effective but also available to all. She decided to take a very scientific approach to plant-based skincare.

What’s unique about BIO-Extracts

Firstly let’s talk about the Multi-Lamellar System. Which is more efficient way to deliver the actives to the skin, because it has structural similarity to the layers of our skin. It is designed to act like a hydration ‘patch’ on the skin. This helps to keep your skin better hydrated and prevents loss of moisture too.

The biggest difference is in its personalised approach. BIO-EXTRACTS allows you to tailor-make your skincare because your skin never stays the same. You can choose from the range of moisturisers and the range of Boosters.

You’ll choose your moisturiser based on your personal preferences or skin type. Next, you select a skin Booster or a few. You can mix up to four doses of your preferred Booster. It’s ok to pick more than one Booster too.

How BIO-EXTRACTS makes good vegan skincare affordable?

BIO-EXTRACTS is a first brand using biotechnology which offers products that are affordable so how did they achieve this? I think Marina’s passion for sharing the beauty and making it accessible shines through in this approach.

Often brands selling cheaper products compromise on the ingredients or the percentage of the actives in the product, but Marian didn’t want to compromise on quality. She created the range which principle lies in self-diagnosis. You know best what your skin needs. Next, from the BIO-EXTRACT’S range of Boosters, you can choose the right products to give your skin just want it needs. This way you are paying just for those ingredients and nothing else.

In the range, you’ll find various textures of creams to suit your skin type and a selection of Boosters. The Boosters hold the powerful and targeted action.

I chose the light formal of the cream and booster for hydration, radiance and anti-ageing.

BIO-EXTRACTS in action.

I very much like the packaging. It’s clean and comfortable to use. The pump lets you control how much moisturiser you use, which is a bonus. Boosters will allow you to tackle what you think is important. The design of the moisturiser makes it easy to mix your shoot of Booster with it, but I can see some lazy peeps saying it might be a bit messy. I don’t think it’s messy but it is a process, (which in my opinion doesn’t take too long and is not an issue for me) and ultimately you can’t have it all.

The texture of my light cream is insanely good. I love the way my skin feels afterwards, and it does keep my skin shine free all day. My makeup goes on top of it like a dream too. I might consider adding it to my makeup kit too.

At the moment BIO-EXTRACTS are available to buy at QVC and on BIO-EXTRACTS websites where you can also choose a multi by option.

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