Magic Foundation vs. Light Wonder foundation.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation vs. Light Wonder Foundation

With everyone raving about the Magic Foundation from Charlotte Tilbury it’s time to compare it to Light Wonder foundation. In todays post we’re going to look at Magic Foundation vs. Light Wonder Foundation from Charlotte Tilbury. We will compare them based on finish, durability and application. Why?
Because sometimes what works for others doesn’t have to work for you, so even if everyone is telling you Magic Foundation is a makeup wonder product you should give the Light Wonder a chance too. This post will help you to decide which one is best for you.
I filmed a short video, watch it too. I talk about them in brief and share some of my  backstage tricks too.

The finish should be the first thing you consider comparing Magic Foundation vs. Light Wonder Foundation.

Light wonder foundation bottle

What would your perfect skin look like with makeup on?

If you’re after the natural finish, a base that doesn’t appear like you’ve got makeup on but gives you radiant and youthful complexion look at Light Wonder. You might be after something more substantial, a base that looks like you’ve got some makeup on. Perhaps you’d prefer something a bit more matte, to help control the shine on your skin. In that instance, you might like demi-matt finish which you get with the Magic Foundation.

Durability of Magic Foundation vs. Light Wonder Foundation.

Light Wonder foundation as a lighter base can rub off a little faster because it hasn’t been developed to have long durability. However due to its ‘skin like finish,’ it doesn’t look patchy or fatigue by the end of the day, which is why I like it so much.

The Magic Foundation, on the other hand, was designed to last. So if your skin is uneven, due to blemishes or oily and most products slide off, this might be a better choice.

Application technique is a key.

From the two foundations, Light Wonder is easier to use. It has a lightweight texture, and you can apply it with a flat foundation brush or a buffing brush. Choose what your more comfortable to use. I find using flat brush uses less product but buffing brush makes it easier to build this product to medium coverage.
Magic Foundation needs a high-quality buffing brush like Charlotte Tilbury Magic Complexion brush or Sigma F80 – FLAT KABUKI™ BRUSH. I use either of them. Sigma brush has synthetic bristles but excellent quality. For best results first, work some of the foundation into the brush on the back of your hand and only start airbrushing your skin when there’s no excess product on the brush. By using your brush in stopping motion, you can quickly build fuller coverage.

These are three main differences between those two products by the ingredients of course. For more information and to learn my backstage tip how to get the most of them check out my YouTube video.

Which one do you think will be right for you?

I wear Light Wonder Foundation in no 2 and Magic in no 3.

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