Everyday ways to self-love and relaxation. For all girl bosses out there and everyone else too.

Everyday ways to self love

Let’s be honest, for most of us ‘me time’ doesn’t happen as often as it should. We often feel like this is something reserved for wealthy and famous. Sometimes I feel like the entire nation is in competition; fighting over the trophy of a most overworked and stressed human being, but secretly admiring anyone who’s enjoying the life. I don’t know about you, but I decided to choose the later. A balanced life, full of self-love. Today I tell you how to find time to relax and give yourself time without spending hundreds and without a VIP pass. I’m going to tell you a story about finding how important self-love is, and how quickly you can change your life for better.

A life of new habits! 2017 a year of self-love.

Woman eating breakfast in bed

The start of the year was hard, my life has crashed into pieces, but weirdly I felt stronger than ever. I knew I have to be. Was I stressed? Hell yes! Did I cry? Buckets! But I’m now feeling more in control of my life than ever before. I’m sure despite the year flying by, the following months will hold some challenges for me too, but in all stressful situations, there’s something positive too. By making small positive changes in my life, I’m more in control and better equipped to deal with stuff that life throws at me.  I’d like to share some of them; maybe you’ll find in it some worth. If you’re like me, a girl boss or just busy bee read on; it’ll do you good!

You will never change your life until you change someting you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.


Attitude is everything!

You can sit and moan about the lack of time and be miserable, or you can be happy abut your daily achievements. You can implement ways to self-love and feel better day after day about your life. Your attitude will play a part also in giving yourself more ‘me time’ moments through the day. When you change your attitude everything changes. Oh, trust me, it’s the most empowering thing ever! Yep, the only thing is, nobody can change your attitude or teach you to have the right set of mind, only you can do it!

The only power we have in our life is our attidue and that makes all the difference!

I always had a good positive attitude, but in some areas of life, I just felt a bit of a looser.  I was scared and wasn’t taking risks. I was doing things I felt I was expected to do and I rarely used to put myself first. I’ve learned that choice makes all the difference. I decided on things that will make me happy and focused my attention on those things. Understanding that ‘I am the most important person is my life’ was a life changer too. So I put myself first now. Screw anyone who says it’s selfish! Selfish is good sometimes.

You don’t have time; you make time!

Rose gold watch from Daniel Wellington classic petite range

Make time for yourself rather than complain that you haven’t got any. We always find time in a day for our priorities, so become your priority! I started scheduling every single task in my diary even a walk in the park, coffee breaks or phone calls to my friends. Sure meetings and work on the project are important, but if I’m not in the right set of mind, I’m useless at work and not fun to be around either. Since I started scheduling everything in my dairy, my days become structured, and I set aside time to give myself some love. I’m able to accomplish more because scheduling allows me to visually see when I’m too optimistic about how much I can get done, this helps to prioritise tasks. Since implementing the habit of scheduling into my diary the down time, I started feeling so much better about taking the time to relax. I don’t feel guilty about snuggling on the sofa anymore. Now I can fit that walk in the park at sunset too.

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Rose Gold watch details.

I found that monitoring time is a key! Scheduling but not keeping to the schedule is not going to get you anywhere. Recently I collaborated with Daniel Wellington helping them with the launch of their new watch from the Classic Petite range. Daniel Wellington gifted me my very own new Classic Pettite watch, and I fell in love with its simplicity. The dial is so sleek I can easy see the arms of the watch, and it encourages me to keep track of my busy schedule. It’s pretty so I enjoy glancing at it. So get yourself that beautiful watch, you always wanted to count down to your ‘me time’.

Daniel Wellington was also super kind and gave me a 15% discount code to share with you. It’s valid until the end of April 2017. You can purchase anything from www.DanielWellington.com and type SOCIALBEAUTIFY at checkout to receive your discount.

Let’s talk – polysensory.

coffee in bed

What the heck means polysensory you ask?! It means that you experience something with all your senses; sight, smell, touch. So make your life a little bit more polysensory. When you start thinking of using multiple senses when experiencing things,  you start making small changes to your life that will help to stimulate your senses in a positive way. Just think of, glancing with pleasure at that beautiful watch, you just bought :). I think the easiest way is to surround yourself with small lovely things. So rather than your watch being just a useful object, it becomes a visually pleasing too. Your breakfast can not only provide you with the energy your body needs, but it can tickle your senses if you make it look pretty too. Suddenly that everyday routine will feel a bit more special.

My pretty little things! 

I got myself some new cups and bowls This cute little one is from TK Maxx. Now, I can use a different one to serve my breakfast, depending on how I feel. If you choose to use small, beautiful everyday use objects, this little trick could be easier to implement.

  • Buy a small bunch of flowers and maybe keep it near where you tend to get ready in the morning. I alway look for packs which are selling out, make it much cheaper.
  • Use a face mask in the morning.  It’s a good way to take care of yourself and much easier to implement than scheduling big chill out session with a bubble bath and candles.  Charlotte Tilbury goddess clay mask is great to use on the go. It shows effects even after 5 -10 minutes. Sometimes I use an overnight mask like Fresh Beauty or Sensai. Often I apply the face mask first thing in the morning. Next, I make my breakfast, brush my teeth and before you know it I can take it off, but I found time to take care of myself rather than say I’d like too.
  • Get yourself a scented candle and burn it every evening when you’re relaxing. Don’t wait for a special occasion; every day is a special occasion. I have a couple of Molton Brown candles. Once is from the Tobacco range, and the other is the Rosa Absolute. I love both although the tobacco is my absolute favourite right now.
  • Plan into your diary relaxing day with your best friend or a quick and easy treatment. I make home lunch to free some cash for a small treat every month. Clarins offers excellent service in some of the stores, where you can just walk in for a quick facial.
  • Prepare for yourself breakfast in bed on a weekday!

Everyday pretty desk set up

Your challenge. 

Tomorrow or at least some time this week make that lovely breakfast and have it in bed! Try it tomorrow, just get on it and do it before you come up with excuses. Make yourself your regular morning coffee, serve your yoghurt with some fruit in a cute bowl and eat it in bed. You’ll feel fantastic straight away. Share it with me on Instagram by tagging me or use a hashtag #selflovebreakfast so I can find it later.

Five Minute Journal – Focus, Positivity, Gratitude!

I wouldn’t be without the Five Minute Journal anymore. It helped me to have a positive outlook and stay focused in my busy life. You only spend about five minutes a day completing it, but the change it brings is astonishing. In the morning you reflect on the things for which you’re grateful. Try listing three things. It could be something simple like good health or beautiful sunny weather on your day off. Next, you make a note of three things that you’ll do to make today great. Finally, before bed, you reflect on the day and list three amazing things that happened to you. The Five Minutes Journal is my superhero. You should get one too!  I use a mobile app, which I love, partly because my phone is always with me and it enables me to use it daily. It helps me to start the day on a positive note, stayed focused on things that will give me the feeling of fulfilment.

Do what matters! Do one thing that scares you!

Good things come to those who wait…greater things come to those who get off their ass and do anything to make it happen.

I often work on multiple projects and sometimes it was easier to put that scary task aside and keep doing what I know or enjoy. Now I take this as a first thing in the morning. To help me choose what to do next, I end my week with the reflection on my achievements; it’s astonishing how much we accomplish when we put our mind to it. Then, I write a list of things I’d like to achieve the following week. Next, scheduling starts. Since implementing this as a daily habit of starting my working day with the most difficult task, I feel incredibly empowered after accomplishing it. Ticking off the rest of the list is a doddle. This technique helped me to feel more competent and have better believe in my abilities. You see, we keep coming back to the attitude.

I’d rater attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.

What changes are you going to make this week, to show yourself some love?

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