Charlotte Tilbury best products to buy first. All you need to know.

Charlotte Tilbury Best Product to buy!

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Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronzer and Glow in Medium Palette

Charlotte Tilbury has been taking the beauty industry by storm, so if you haven’t heard of her before, come out from the cave, make yourself a cup of tea and start reading. Today I’ll share Charlotte Tilbury best products to buy first, not only from a perspective of a blogger but also a Makeup Artist.

Why should you trust my opinion?

Partly because I’m obsessed with beauty, so I leave and breathe it. I try to learn as much as I can about brands and how their products are different. I’m also a Makeup Artist, and for last two years, I’ve been Charlotte Tilbury certified freelance makeup artist. What does it even mean? Well, it means that I know Charlotte’s makeup techniques and products. I support Charlotte Tilbury team, so I work with those products both in stores and events and on a daily basis in my kit. I know them inside out. In this post I tried to pick products which are iconic to the brand but also aren’t colour specific, meaning you can purchase them online, without being colour matched.

The Luxury Eye Palette. 

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eye Palettes, featuring Dolce Vita eye palette


Charlotte Tilbury revolutionised the industry with her iconic makeup looks, which let you shop for makeup by looks. I like Charlotte’s eye palettes because they’re pigmented, with a beautiful satin finish. Upon application, you see the colour, not the texture.  It’s easy to choose your palette too. Any of them will suit virtually anyone. Shop by look, select the one you like, and it’ll tell you which Luxury Eye Shadow Palette you should use to achieve the look.


  • The Dolce Vita is an ultimate bestseller easy to doll up and suits everyone.
  • The Golden Goddess, the perfect palette for anyone who likes delicate and understated looks.
  • The Uptown Girl, ideal for that fresh face, clean kinda look.
  • The Vintage Vamp, one that I love and wear a lot. It’s an easy one to dolled up but looks beautiful too when it’s applied lightly.

If you’d like the entire look so you don’t have to think of other products to match with your eyeshadows The Dolce Vita look set would be a brilliant start.

The everyday makeup must have. 

Colour Chameleon eyeshadows - Charlotte Tilbury

Once you try Colour Chameleon eyeshadows, you won’t leave them alone. They are a doddle to use. Draw with them on your eyelid like with a crayon and gently blend the edge, and that’s it.

They are incredibly quick and easy to use, as their texture isn’t too soft to make a mess but soft enough to glide onto the eyelids smoothly. My sister has quite a bad eyesight so when she takes her glasses off to do her makeup; she struggles with her eyeshadows application. Since she started using Colour Cameron eyeshadows, she doesn’t want to hear about anything else.

You can also use Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Sticks as a base shadow before using you Luxury Eye Palette; this helps to doll up any look in an instant. Naturally, I had to add them to the list of Charlotte Tilbury best products.

Here are my top three;

The Magic Cream

Pot of Magic cream from Charlotte Tilbury, Magic Night and Eye Rescue #charlotteTilbury

Top three makeup brushes from Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte’s Magic Cream is a hyped up product, and with this name, it better be living up to the expectations, right?

If you want to purchase something cult from Charlotte, this is it. I love to keep it in my kit because it works on any skin type. I’ve used a pot myself in the past too. Charlotte’s Magic Cream originates in the days when she used to blend her moisturiser to used backstage to hydrate, brighten and smooth skin of her models instantly. If your skin is dry, it will drink more of it, for anyone with oilier complexion use less of it. You can grab a pot here. Magic Cream is a water-based moisturiser with a high amount of hyaluronic acid, which helps to flood skin with moisture and instantly gives it more smoother and youthful appearance. Personally, I like to use it when I need my makeup to look flawless for photos or video.

There is also a limited edition GIANT pot of Charlotte’s Magic Cream, three times the size and you can find it here.

Two brushes you should buy with your eyes closed. 

Tools make all the difference when it comes to makeup. It’s easy to apply your makeup well when you have the right tools for the job.  There are two brushes from Charlotte Tilbury range, which I would recommend to get.

Try Eye Smudger. We often are scared to apply an eyeshadow underneath our bottom lashes. Ladies often draw a thin line, this looks harsh and is quite ageing. You might think it just doesn’t suit you to wear it, but the truth is you just need to blend the life out of that line or use Charlotte Tilbury eye smudger, which is significant enough to prevent you from applying your shadow in a thin line. If you’re using eyeliner, later use your brush to smudge it out. Soft, smudged eyeshadow looks very seductive.

Powder and Sculpt is a smallish brush perfect for precise powder application and the only tool you’d need for sculpting your face with bronzer and adding a bit of a highlight. It’s perfect it’s what you need to apply all those products correctly and in the right place.

The killer chick bones in a palette.

Filmstar Bronzer and Glow - Charlotte Tilbury

It’s an Icon it has to make to the Charlotte Tilbury best products to buy first blog post. On the image above you can see Filmstar Bronze and Glow in Medium to Dark, and it is best for darker skin tones, everybody else please look at the top picture in this post, which features the lighter version of the same product. You need to use Filmstar Bronze and Glow in light to medium. Charlotte makeup is also known for her flawless yet natural skin and beautifully framed face thanks to those killer chick bones. It’s super important to use contour lightly, so it gives you most natural finish. I like the colour of the Light to Medium bronzer in particular. It’s not too dark or too orange, so it looks realistic. It’s talk fee so rather than seeing a layer of product/powder applied to your skin; you’ll just see the effect it gives you.

I also like its convenient packaging as it comes together with a highlight, which fully allows you to play with light and shadow to subtly enhance your features. I’ve filmed a very easy to follow tutorial a while ago. You can find it here.

Your perfect lipstick!

Lipstick Collection from Charlotte Tilbury #socialbeautify #30plusblogs #flatlay

Charlotte’s Matt Revolution Range of lipsticks is AS. They are most similar in texture to a traditional lipstick but with a staying power that will surprise you. Thanks to the shea butter they are still very hydration and look fab for hours. I don’t think I need to convince you that I like them. See the picture above? This is just my everyday collection for my personal use, not the kit :)

Again, you can choose your lipstick just by matching it to the look you like the most or just be brave and try something new. Seriously it’s only a lipstick just get one. An excellent place to start is with those:

  • Bond Girl – Goes with the Dolce Vita eye palette but it’s also super versatile, so it’s a safe choice.
  • Secret Salma, from the Hot Lips Collection – I’m yet to see someone this lipstick won’t suit.
  • Love Liberty – a darker bolder shade but stunning and one I’m the most sentimental about as it was my first shade I tried.
  • Amazing Grace, for natural pretty pink lips, perfect with the Uptown Girl look
  • Very Victoria, the darker nude, just one of those handy to have.
  • Red Carpet Red, the best matt red lipstick ever!

If you find it hard to decide you can always splurge on the Lipstick Wardrobe and get all the matt shades in one go.

Legendary bow!

Legendary Brow and Retoucher Concealer from Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics


Legendary Brow is probably the last product I’d recommend you in today’s post, which you can choose without being colour matched. Legendary Brow comes in a few shades, but I’d suggest you get either clear Sculpting Gel, Linda or Super Model. The later being the darkest of them all. The brush is so small it sweeps every hair individually and creates fluffy, healthy-looking eyebrows. I wouldn’t be without it now.

The Retoucher, say hello to your new best friend.

The Retoucher falls into the category that needs to be matched so not all of you could just grab one online. The Retoucher might look on the outside very similar to the YSL touche eclat, but the product inside is different. This concealer is exceptionally hydrating, which provides a smooth finish to even dry and flaky skin. Looks fab used under the eyes as it’s hydrating ingredients give a ‘skin like finish’ so it never appears like you’ve packed product under your eyes. You can use Retoucher on selected the areas like small blemishes and pigmentation. It’s perfect for touching up too.

I use Retoucher in no2 

The Light Wonder Foundation has to be on the Charlotte Tilbury best products list.

Light Wonder Foundation. - Charlotte Tilbury, Social Beautify #socialbeautify

Light Wonder foundation also requires you to be colour matched. Sadly, I feel this foundation doesn’t get the love it deserves from the media and bloggers. We often think that the way to achieve perfect skin with makeup is in the thickness of it, but this foundation proves that less is more. Light Wonder will give you youthful, glowing and natural looking skin. With its light/ medium coverage it has enough power to even out your skin, but let your complexion shine through. You’ll often be surprised how little product you need to make your skin look flawless. Perfect for the young skin as it lets your natural beauty shine through. Divine for mature skin as it’s light bouncing properties will bring back that youthful glow, and its hydrating ingredients will take care of your skin making sure it looks smooth. Try it next time you can; it’s fab!

Your choice.

Ah, I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which product you choose to purchase?

Please, share this post with your friends too. I’ve spent a long time putting it together and finding all the links so I’d love this blog to make life easier for as many of you as possible.

Ewa x


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