Mothers day gift sets and gift ideas for body and soul.

Ladies and gentlemen remember it’s Mothers day this Sunday this week. With a vast variety of brands and products on offer, we often struggle what to buy, simply because there’s too much choice. To help you out, I narrowed your choice and put together my mothers day gift ideas for body and soul, where you’ll find all you need. Perfect mothers day gift sets at the click of a button.

Here is a little bit of French goodness, mothers day gift sets from Provence.

L’Occitane has such vast choice on offer I had to start with their selection. No matter what is your budget, they have you covered. If you spend £35 delivery will be free too. Even though L’Occitane is a beauty brand, their gifts would please both the body and the soul, thanks to beautiful extracts, which give their products fabulous scent. There is something for everyone, young or mature, tiny treats or something to spoil your mum rotten. I like their bath and shower treatments. Bath sets are perfect if you’re unsure what your mum may like or don’t know here skin type. My favourite for the shower is Zesty Citrus Verbena Collection, but I also like the Cherry Blossom Body Duo. Among L’Occitane mothers day gift sets you’ll find big lavish hampers and small, affordable gifts too, which cater for any budget. I’d recommend their shea butter range, particularly the hand cream and hand wash, chek out this ultimate hamper, isn’t if fabulous? If you’re working on the budget, then make sure to scroll through the mothers day gift sets and look for the Soft Hands Duo, as it’s the same range as the hamper but with a more purse-friendly price tag. I always repurchase product from this range as I find them soothing even when my hands are severely dry.  Which one are you going to choose for your mum?


British Scent

You can’t go wrong with a candle. Lovely scented candle made of high-quality waxes with gorgeous fragrance, that genuinely feels your room while it burns. I haven’t met a person who wouldn’t like a ‘posh’ candle. I always feel a little naughty to spend money on candles for myself for no reason, and I know a lot of you resonate with it, which is why it’s so sweet to receive one. I’ve loved Molton Brown candles recently, I never thought of Molton Brown as a place to go candle shopping, and I’ve been seriously missing out. My current favourites are new Tabacco Absolute candle; I adore it despite it being in a way a man’s scent. If you’d like to play it safe, try the Rosa Absolute collection. This candle is very feminine and intoxicating, and you can’t go wrong with that.


Give her easy pamper time. 

We back to France with Odaites, all natural skincare brand. I’ve used their Anti-Ageing revitalising mask, which is made of all natural fruit extracts, or seed extracts. I found it super potent, so if someone is looking for natural yet intense treatment, this might be your buddy. It brightens and invigorates your skin. If you read through the ingredients list, it sounds nearly right to eat. Don’t try it, though! I think this could be a fantastic mask to brighten up lustre lasting complexion or dry skin. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone with hypo-sensitive skin as I found it tingle a bit once you put it on. You can read more about it and purchase your mask from their website.


A beauty gadget to make her skincare work harder whens she sleeps.

Get your mum the SILKSKIN pillowcase. I was the biggest non-believer under the sun until I had a night sleep on it myself. I was approached many times to try SILKSKIN pillow case, and most of the time I just ignored the offer, because I just thought it was pure nonsense. When I heard some big names being thrown around, like Chanel, Valeda, Dove and Charles Worthington who collaborated with the band, I decided to look into it. I gave it a try and…now I have to eat my words. Firstly it’s the smooth and so silky to put my face on it at thigh I could have it just for this one reason alone. It’s perfect for anyone with allergies as silk is hypoallergenic. By sleeping on it for I week, I suddenly don’t look ten years younger, but I did like the experience. The SILKSKIN pillowcase made the biggest difference to my hair, not the skin. I found it wasn’t getting so tired and oily after sleeping on the pillow. SILKSKIN claims on their website it’s also good to aid your hair if it gets frizzy. Silkskin uses the finest Mulberry silk to make their pillowcases. Apparently many tried to create a similar product, but the success of SILKSKIN pillowcase lies in detail and the type of silk. A pillowcase might be quite an unusual mothers day gift, but I think the SILKSKIN pillowcase is rather fancy and you can purchase them here.




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