SAMAYA luxurious, holistic skincare review. The Update.

When I first tried SAMAYA, I liked it, but it didn’t wow me. I haven’t used the entire range, so it was hard to make my mind. Perhaps deep down I wasn’t buying the holistic approach kinda thing. I like to have a scientific approach to beauty and products.
But when a product surprises me I feel it’s important to give you an update, here is what I fund when I tested the entire Pitta range from SAMAYA. You should have a read about SAMAYA, and how it works, I talked about it in this post.

The Full Range Test

After my first review, I received the Anti-Ageing Cream in Pitta and the Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil from the same collection. I knew I’d be able to say more about the brand by testing the Oil. I believe that right blend of essential oils can turn skin around overnight.

Immediately I started using the range, and to my surprise, I found the Anti-Aging Moisturising cream particular comforting on the skin. It feels light but at the same time provides enough hydration. My complexion feels protected too and very soft. I wasn’t expecting it, but it became my favourite item in the entire Pitta range. SAMAYA Anti-Ageing Cream made it to some of my top favourite high-end moisturisers. Regardless whether it’s a ‘holistic part’ or just the ingredients that make my skin love it so much I was very impressed. Yes, this time I’d pay £89 for it. I felt it lived up to the expectations of an expensive beauty product.

The Oil is just as beautiful, and I like using it at night and sometimes follow with a bit of a moisturiser on top.
All products have the same distinctive scent of jasmine as jasmine flower extract is an essential ingredient in the Pitta range.

When I tried only the cleanser, I wasn’t convinced to the packaging as I thought that it was stunning and luxurious but not convenient for everyday use as the pump wasn’t working well for me. Both, the moisturiser and the oil have the same type of bottle, but those two products have much lighter texture, so the applicator works perfectly fine.

After I’ve been using the Anti-Ageing Moisturiser and the oil for a couple of weeks, my opinion of SAMAYA as a brand started shifting, and its rating went up. The results were great; my skin was loving both products, and I gently felt like those two products are worth the price tag on them.

I still think you should try this range if your skin in unbalanced and nothing works for you! You should give it a go, not because I liked it, but because maybe there’s some secret power in the holistic approach to skin. How else can I explain that my skin is loving SAMAYA moisturiser so much?

A little bit more on SAMAYA.

SAMAYA holistic approach to skincare makes it unique. I spoke about Samaya’s Ayurvedic principles and how you choose the products in the post over here. At that time I have only tried the cleanser, and despite the fact that I liked it on my skin, I found it difficult to give you more in-depth review.

To choose which range is right for you, click here. 

Have yo had a chance to try a full range, what effects did you see on your skin?

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