Pixi by Petra and the pixipretties collection.

Pixie by Petra has certainly grabbed bloggers attention with the range of pixipretties. If you haven’t seen them all over Social Media, you must be hiding in a cave.

Being Bold gets, you noticed!

This time BIG made it big for Pixi. The box was nearly the size of my three sitter sofa. Inside you could see a selection of products eyeshadows, highlighters and lipstick palette. The Double Cleanse has stolen the show, but when you put a name of Caroline Hirons on it, that should come as no surprise.

Caroline and Pixi put together a ‘double cleansing’ product, which comes in a tube where on one side you have a Solid Oil and on the other Cleansing Cream.

I very much liked the Solid Cleansing Oil, but the cleansing cream doesn’t really do much for me. I heard some gossip that this might become travel packaging, and you’d be able to buy the actual products separately. This might be more practical use as I don’t think even when you use both they will run out at the same time, because of the difference in texture.

‘Glow-y’ Powders and highlighters.

My other favourite was the collection of highlighters, created with Maryam Maquillage and Glow-y powder in Santorini Sunset from Aspyn collection. I used them on the photo shoot, and I was very impressed with the finish.

Eyeshadows and lipsticks.

I haven’t used any of the eyeshadows or lipsticks. The colour selection is beautiful in both of the palettes. In the eyeshadow set, you’ll find a mixture of both satin and matte shades, which I think is a good idea. Colours vary from gold to brown and deep brown and black. Lip colours, on the other hand, start at nude shades, transition into brawn and end on red and burgundy tones.

Shop my favourites:

Glow-y Powder in Santorini Sunset
Strobe & Sculpt Highlight & Contour Palette
Double Cleanse by Pixi + Caroline Hirons

If you’d like to learn more, I’d suggest you have a look at the website here.

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