The Multi-Active Eye from Clarins review.

The Multi-Active Eye has launched in February. New addition to Clarins anti-ageing line promises to target fine lines and revive the under-eye area. Conveniently I have just finished a pot of an eye cream, so I had an excuse to purchase one.

I chose Clarins because I wanted a lightweight textured product, which won’t congest skin around my eyes. If you’re a regular here you know, I’ve been struggling with the congested skin for some time. I wrote a lengthy blog on how I fondly got rid of it here.

Multi-Active Eye also has very convenient packaging, which will be handy for travel and speeding up my morning or evening routine.

If you have time to brush your teeth, you have time to put an eye cream on!

I work a lot with the general public. I meet women every day; sometimes I do their makeup other times I might be chatting abut beauty and our habits. I’ve learned from those conversations that we skip an eye cream either because we don’t understand why we need it, or because we feel there’s no time in a day to use it.

Well, if you want results then you have to find the time to use your products. Honestly, you wouldn’t brush your teeth once a week, would you? It takes only a few seconds to put an eye cream on, and Clarins Multi-Active comes in a tube with iron like looking applicator, wich just simplifies it ever more.

I like the feel of the applicator on the skin, it’s cooling and smooth. I think you’d love it if you get puffiness, this type of an applicator lets you massage under eye area without applying too much pressure. The cooling effect helps to banish those bags faster too.

Multi-Active Eye is for anyone on the go, go, go!

Late nights – checked
Hectic days- checked
Stressful lifestyle – checked. Although I’d like to think otherwise.
Trouble sleeping – not at all since I have Tempur mattress :)
If you too can tick off some of these, then you might like the sound of the Multi-Active Eye as it’s handy to use but also because of the plant power behind the product.
Dark circles, puffiness and lack of radiance can make you appear older than a few lines. That’s why revitalising the eye contour is vital.


Teasel extract used in two innovative ways is a secret weapon in Multi-Active Eye. Clarins says it helps to revitalise and protect tired, stressed skin by encouraging the production of the energising molecule Adenosine Tri-Phosphate. It contributes to fighting free radicals, which are the cause of premature ageing.

I’m pleased I’ve purchased it because I enjoy using it for multiple reasons. It’s the best eye cream to travel with. I like to have simple skincare routine when I’m on the go, but I don’t’ like to com[romise on the performance or results. I love its texture which is light but hydrating, and I like the appearance of my under eye area after three weeks of using it.

Like with most eye creams it’s a 15ml tube, and it retails at £35.

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?

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