Mintd Box- Discover premium & luxurious beauty products.

The Mintd Box is a new beauty box on the market. With the excellent choice of only the best and most innovative brands, it is tapping into the luxurious beauty market.

How this box is different than any other.

Firstly it’s the type of products that you’ll find inside. The Mintd Box will only feature luxury beauty products from the most innovative premium brands.

Each month you’ll receive 4-5 full size and deluxe size products. There are always at least three full-size products in the box, and additional items would be deluxe size. There’s no other box out there like this.

Is the Minted Box for you?

As this is a luxury box, you’ll have to be looking for high-end products to be interested. It’s not cheap, but if you’d like to discover new beauty lotions and potions from exclusive and high-end brands, this is a good way to have a feel for brands and products without splashing full price just for one item. The box costs £65 a month. But the value of items inside will roughly double that ever month. You can subscribe to get your box monthly or bi-monthly. It’s also easy to unsubscribe. So when you find what you’ve been looking for you can do it with a click of a button.

If you have already bought into the luxury skincare and now you’d like to discover new brands the Minted Box wold probably be up your street.
You could also try it if you never used premium skincare and body product and would like to, but you have no clue where to start. This box will introduce you to some brands you probably never heard of before.

Exclusive and luxurious beauty products are sometimes sold in a niche or luxury shops: like Harrods or online retailers like or Not everyone has access to those stores and purchasing online without testing is like buying a cat in a bag. However, once you’ve tried your products, you can order them online.

My Self Love Mintd Box – February

I was sent February Mintd Box to test a few weeks ago to road test it. As February is a month of love, the theme of the box is Self Love. I like that idea. Too many brands focus on gifts for him and her, but not everyone is in the relationship. Regardless whether we are or not, we all often neglect our needs and wellbeing when fast pace of today’s living takes over. I’m first to admit it. I have terrible work life balance, but I’m working on making some improvements. If I don’t set the alarm to stop working, I’d be on my laptop until late hours of the night. It’s good to know there’s a lovely bath soak waiting for me; this gives me the motivation to stop and take some time to relax and reflect on a day.

My thoughts about the box

Despite having read the brief about the Mintd Box before receiving mine, I was still pleasantly surprised to see four full-size products inside. With the Minted Box, you can see how products would work in your routine. Do you enjoy using them? Can you see results and if so would you be happy to pay the price?

My favourite two products from the box.

Skyn Iceland lip mask has to be number one. It would never cross my mind to invest in a lip mask, but I fund it fun to use. It contains Wild Berry Extract, which helps to replenish moisture. Press it on and keep it for ten minutes.

Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence scored highly with me too. I don’t take enough time to relax, and this aromatherapy oil is suitable for use both in the bath and shower. It’s a therapy-grade blend of essences. I fond the smell relaxing, and my skin felt silky smooth too. The only downside is slippery shower floor afterwards.

You can get both products plus much more in February Mintd Box for just £65. Click here to subscribe! Both products are also available to purchase individually from You’ll find lip mask from Skyn Iceland,  priced at £36, and the Roques Oneil Therapie essence for cost £40.

Do you use premium and luxury skincare? What do you think about the Mint Box as a way to explore luxury beauty market?

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