Clarins Contour Palette review – What’s so good about it?

Thank you, Clarins for bringing out this contour palette. Too many brands in the current craze for contouring are launching products that aren’t fit for us! A woman who would like to do their makeup quickly and swiftly with eyes half open and coffee in one hand.

We all want to look good. When was the last time you had enough sleep? Exactly! A little bit of help from our friend makeup is always welcome; however, too many products are difficult to use.

There is an abundance of contouring products out there, which are too orange, too complicated for everyday use. Products that make women look like clowns. Let’s keep stage makeup for the stage. :)

Thank you, Clarins. You managed to release a product that is responding to your client’s needs. We want to contour. What this means for us is to add shape and colour to our face. We also don’t want to look silly.

I’m a blogger, but I’m also a makeup artist so every day I hear women asking how to contour, because everyone is doing it, so they feel like giving it a go too. They often don’t know where to start or have no time to blend, blend, blend. The truth is contouring doesn’t have to be complicated.  Instead of using products containing intense pigment or creams you need textures and colours, which were designed to be user-friendly just like new Contour Palette from Clarins.

Why could you be scared to contour?

  • Many consumer contouring products have textures which are too difficult to use for a non-pro artist.
  • Colours aren’t helping to create natural looks.
  • They are only working if you are creating very thick heavy looking makeup.

What I think about Clarins Contour palette!

The other day I popped over to Clarins counter to stock up on some products and started chatting to girls about their new palette. Knowing I like Clarins and that I’m a blogger too, they asked me what I think about it. I could sense a little bit of disappointment in their voice.

I think it’s great.

-I said.

They were not too convinced and looked at me with a big question in their eyes. –

But it’s not very strong they said. When Clarins told us, they are launching a contour palette we thought it’s going to be something bold, you know, like most products out there. Our new contour is not what we thought it would be.

I smiled and said;

And this is why it’s so good! …

There are enough people out there who put too much highlighter making it look like they stuck silver foil to their face. Too many girls with so much dark brown pigment underneath their cheek bone (often placed lower than it should be) so it looks like they had a fight with mud.

It’s all good to make a product which gives substantial effect if they fall into hands of a makeup artist or if you teach every single customer how to use it. There aren’t many products, which could let women shape and colour their face but also prevent them from making silly makeup mistakes.

This Conturing Palette is all what Clarins as a brand stands for.

This product is fab because Clarins stayed true to what they believe ‘You only better instantly’. They stayed true to what the brand think makeup should be: a subtle enhancement of our natural beauty. That moderate improvement is what most women want. It’s also what most need, to be honest.

The product is fab because it’s easy to use for every single woman. The highlighter is more of a light finishing powder. So whatever your skin type, age and makeup skills it’ll look good.

Next, you have a bronze shade to add warmth and shape to your face. It’s not too overpowering, so you can’t overload it.

Finally, a blusher to give you a healthy flush of colour on your cheeks. Again shade it subtle, faking that natural glow.

Those three products are exactly what most women need.

The choice of colours and textures in the palette means women can easy and quickly doll themselves up. Feel good and be quick while applying their makeup in the morning. They have all their colour products in one palette. What’s not to like.

If I were to pick on something, it would be the brush. Clarins has included a brush with the palette, but I think it’s a little too small. I’d prefer to use bigger softer brushes. Bigger softer brushes make products easier to blend in my opinion. Your brush, which comes with Clarins Contour palette might work in my makeup bag as a brush on the go.

Ladies on the Clarins counter looked at me, smiled and in an instant realised that they have an amazing product in their hands.

Buy or not to buy

Buy it if you want a product which you can use daily. You can try it if you don’t like wearing too much makeup or if a natural finish and no-makeup look is your signature. Clarins contour palette is well priced too. For £36 you’ll have powder, bronzer and blush all in one palette. Buy it if you travel a lot for the same reason, you’ll have all three products in one palette, so it’s easier to pack.

You can find Clarins Contour palette here.

Have you tried it? What do you think?

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