SAMAYA – A new skincare concept and a mini review

SAMAYA might be an answer to balancing stress sensitive and grumpy skin. This brand has a very different approach to skincare.

SAMAYA Holistic approach 

Is there a relationship between cold feet and jasmine? You wouldn’t think they have much in common. Let me explain.

Samaya is a new British brand with a very different approach to skincare. It’s a new concept – a holistic approach that allows you to incorporate balance and wellness into your beauty routine.

SAMAYA is all-natural skincare brand- made in England- based on Ayurvedic principles, that works in harmony with our specific dosha type, to help you achieve ‘perfect balance’.

Let’s try to understand what this ‘dosha’ thing even means!

Ayurveda is a concept focused on achieving harmony between the mind, body and soul. According to that belief when those three elements are in balance you will be able to feel the positive effect on your health and wellbeing; both internally and externally.

Finding products right for your dosha

Being aware of you dosha type means you can make choices to help to achieve wellness, piece and calm, all of which contribute to younger-looking, stress free, beautiful skin. There are three dosha types VATA, PITTA and KAPHA.

Here is where the cold feet comes back into place. I took a test online to find out my dosha type, so I could choose the right product. The holistic approach is about bringing your entire body into balance therefore the questions are designed to get a closer overview of your body, mind and soul. One of the questions was abut cold feet :) others were abut hair type or even preferred learning type. Try for yourself. Take the test here.

Once you determine your dosha type, you can choose the appropriate skincare. My dosha is Pitta and I tried Pitta Hydrating Cleanser.

For my Dosha type, three key ingredients are infused into the products from this range.

  • Jasmine flower extract is one of them. It smells beautiful and has proven mood-boosting effect. It supposed to improve energy, reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Next up we have Neem oil which helps to promote skin healing.
  • Finally Safron extract which is valued for its skin toning abilities. It also helps to reduce pigmentation.

My Experience.

I was testing only the Hydrating Cleanser in conjunction with my regular skincare regime which at the moment is a mix of Dermalogica and Sensai. I think this makes it a little harder to decide on overall effectiveness of the rage. It’s more like a teaser to get a feel for the brand.

The product smells amazing there’s no doubt about that. The scent of jasmin is very intense but lovely at the same time.

The cleanser feels very rich. I know oils and balms are often more effective as well as gentle on the skin than gel wash. I felt it worked beautifully even on the oily skin type.

To me it’s important how easy it is to take the cleanser off and how your skin feels afterwards. Pitta Hydrating cleanser feels very balmy and even though it feels gentle when you are rinsing with water it isn’t enough. You need a face sponge or cloth to wash it off with warm water.

Once it’s removed skin feels great; pretty much as if it was already moisturised. This allowed me to use much lighter texture cream compared to what I used to use. Using such a light textured cream help me keep spots under control. However in the mornings I still use my gentle cleansing gel because I like how it makes my skin feel.

SAMAYA is a luxury natural skincare brand and with that in mind I looked at it from different angles.  We already spoke about the product itself, now how will it look on a bathroom shelf?

I like the packaging as it represents both the natural aspect of the brand and the luxury feel too. The bottle is made of glass and it feels great in hands and looks pretty too. It’s only the pump that lets this product down. I have to pump about 10-15 times to get enough product out. I just think that a cleanser priced at £69 for a 100ml isn’t cheep. At this price point simply everything should be working smoothly.

To buy or not to buy.

I think it’s hard to judge the entire brand and how effective it could be based on the cleanser alone. Even though I liked it, it doesn’t mean that the entire concept of the brand and all the products would be any better than what you’re using at the moment. If I was to try another SAMAYA product  it would be the Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil. You can tell a lot about the brand by the quality of the oils they make; plus oils often give very quick results.

That being said if you’ve been struggling with your skin and nothing seems to be bringing the results you’re looking for, trying SAMAYA might be a good idea. If you do, I’d recommend going for the full range. I think that’s when you’ll be able to see better results.

If you have used any of the SAMAYA products share your experience below. We all would love to hear your thoughts.

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