Rosa Absolute, new addition to Molton Brown collection.

Rosa Absolute by Molton BrownThe new Rosa Absolute collection from Molton Brown has that sexy and cheeky twist that I always look for with rose scents. They can easily become dated and feel a bit old fashioned. But when I opened the box I was intoxicated. My room was quickly filled with a spicy rosy scent which was very moreish.

What makes Rosa Absolute?

Rosa Absolute is spiced up with red berries, cinnamon and clove to give this fragrance a kick! With blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry this fragrance feels elegant yet modern. Finally the scent is created on a base of patchouli, which also happens to be an aphrodisiac…handy for the bedroom :) There’s also cedarwood and sandalwood in the base notes, and let’s not forget about violet leaf. Violet is a fantastic ingredient for fragrance. I’ve heard it has a molecule that has the ability to numb our sense of smell for just few breaths, so once we smell it, then we don’t. This is supposed to keep fragrance alive and interesting!

With a mix of fruity, floral and woody notes everyone should be able to find Rosa Absolute appealing.

This fragrance isn’t strong but it lingers around you in close proximity. Detectable only when someone gets really close. It’s like a soft silky blouse on your body, once you feel it… then you don’t.

Layering your scent.

I love using body lotion in the evening. I can still smell it on my skin when I wake up. It has a great texture and it truly extends the lasting power of the fragrance. Molton Brown offers this fragrance only in an EDT version so layering it will help to make your scent more potent and extend its lasting power.

I think it’s one of those fragrances, which anyone will love, and I’m sure it’ll be very popular before Christmas. Not too overpowering around all those festive fragrances out there.

The collection launched in September and is now available in Molton Brown Stores and online. With Molton Brown you can have it beautifully gift wrapped too, so if you’d like to spoil someone, below you’ll find all the links!

Rosa Absolute Gift


There is a shower gel, body lotion and EDT (eau the toilette) in a rage.

Rosa Absolute Eau de Toilette 100ml £39

Rosa Absolute Bath & Shower Gel £20

Rosa Absolute Body Lotion £25

Rosa Absolute Gift Set £84

Scent evokes memories.

Cozy in Rosa Absolute in Iceland

I took my bottle with me on my recent trip to Iceland. This was the first time I started using Rosa Absolute and now each time I spray it I go back to the week in our cabin. Cozy nights with a fire and breathtaking nature.

What memories would you like to make with Rosa Absolute?

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