The best nail polish you can buy!

Essie Gel Couture
Essie Gel Couture launched this spring. I might be late to the party but after realising how many of you don’t know how good they are, this post was a necessity.
Gel Couture from Essie is everything that we like about the traditional light cured gel type polishes, like shellac, just without all the negatives. Quick and easy to apply nail colour. Quick drying. Lasting power. Pretty shades. Easy to remove and cheaper than a traditional light cured gel set. 

Better than a salon gel polish!

Yes, you do need a colour and a setting top coat. But once you have a top coat you can just grab additional shades. Sure, for near £10 a bottle it’s on the top end of drugstore nail polishes, but it’s absolutely worth every penny. 
I’d dare to say that Essie Gel Couture is better than a gel manicure at the salon. They are better because they’re by far quicker to both apply and remove, with nearly as good lasting power. They won’t damage your nails like the salon gels can, since you often have to file the bed of your nails a little. 

What’s so good about it?

  • Easy to apply
  • Quick to dry
  • Looks glossy
  • Long lasting! It’s really long lasting!
  • Comes off easy when you want to remove it!

How do you create amazing nails with Essie Gel Couture?


The Best Nail polishes
  • Step 1 You need to apply your colour just as yo would with any other nail polish. Apply two coats of colour. You don’t have to wait for the polish to dry. I find it doesn’t dry without putting the top coat on. There is also no need to file your nail bed, which is necessary with the traditional gel and can weaken the nail.
  • Step 2 Apply your top coat. Once you pop this on you’ll find your polish will dry nearly instantly, so you can get on with your day and don’t have to wait around for your polish to dry. A couple of minutes after the application you’re good to go.
  • Step 3 Just wear your beautiful nails and enjoy lasting colour for at least a week. That’s how it lasts on my nails which ATM are in atrocious condition – literally nothing else lasts. 
  • Step 4 When you want to change the colour use regular nail polish remover and take them of in a couple of minutes. All done, easy-peasy! 


In a nutshell Essie Gel Couture nail polishes are so incredible I stopped using my gel kit, I stopped using any other nail polish or gel like polishes from the other brands out there. I got used to the perfect colour lasting all week, that I find it hard to test any other nail polish. I expect it to be just as good.
So since they’re so good – I mean they are just incredibly good – Essie, could we have more shades in this range, please?! :) 

You my darling, if you haven’t tried them yet, go and make yourself a favour and get one. Here they are, your essie gel couture polishes!

 Let me know what you think once you tried them! 

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