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Girl wearing eye patches from DHCWipe off signs of tiredness. Puffy eyes and dark circles are no longer an issue. Say hello to eye patches!

The world in Eye Patches

I’ve been recently obsessing over eye patches and so should you! They are a powerful quick fix when your eyes look and feel tired. Dehydrated eyes after a long day are no longer an issue if you have a date or a special event. Eye patches are amazing for a quick fix and a fabulous add-on to your routine. I always pop some on before any special event. Your skin around the eyes is about 80% thinner than the rest of your face, so it does show the signs of fatigue much quicker. Eye patches are fab to easily refresh and take care of that delicate eye area. 

Wipe off signs of tiredness. Puffy eyes and dark circles are no longer an issue.


DHC Eye Zone 

packaging of DHC eye patches

Oh hello Japan’s popular beauty brand. These are great value for money as there are 6 pairs in a pack for £15. They will make you look a little bit like you’re from a si-fi movie but a fresh looking eyes are guaranteed. The patch is designed in such a way that it wraps around your eye. This way it delivers treatment not only to the under eye area, like most eye patches do, but also to the area around your brow. Like most DHC products you’ll find they are infused with Olive Oil, but also hyaluronic acid and hydrolysed collagen. They hydrate, brighten, smooth and remove those tiny fine lines in few minutes. I would defiantly buy them again and you can find them in selected Selfridges shops ( like Selfridges Oxford street) and online here

The Eye Treat SPA by Masque Bar

Eye treat by masque bar

Another brand that I enjoyed using because you can leave them on overnight. There is enough product to hold on to your eye area for that long without drying and peeling off. These have a more traditional shape so you place them under the eyes. You’ll still get some looks if you pull up to the services to get your coffee fix wearing them, as I do! I like that they are all individually wrapped so they always stay fresh. These are really good too and you can grab them at for only £9.99. I find not all stores stock them, but you can alway order on-line and have them delivered to your local Boots store. 

Sesderma C-Vit Eye contour patches.

Sesderma eye patch

With stabilised Vitamin C extract and, unique to Sesderma an Anti-oxidant system, these eye patches might tick the box if you’re looking for anti-ageing benefits. They will still deliver amazing hydration and a  brightening effect. There is a generous amount of product in the sachet so you can easy apply it around the eye in the area where the patch doesn’t cover. Individually packed they stay fresh and I like that a lot. I was only sent one to try with my C-Vit serum, but I liked the result and I’m actually considering buying them as my stash of eye masks is staring to get drastically low. Sesderma is new to the UK market, but this Spanish brand has been around for 25 years. You can grab your pack of Sesderma C-Vit Eye Contour Patches here. Priced at £18.20 for 5 treatments with anti-ageing benefits, it’s not a bad price at all, compared to what else is on the market. 

If you’ve tried any other eye patches do let me know. I’d love to try them too!

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    Great review! I love the DHC Eye Zone ones and also the Elemis ones, I use when I can.

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