What’s in my summer makeup bag – My most used items

Summer makeup bag essentials Here are a few products from my summer makeup bag that have rocked my world in the hot weather over the last couple of months. They performed in the heat over 34 degrees Celsius. Perfect for the summer months if you’d like to keep your skin looking fresh and makeup quick and easy. 
These are my everyday makeup essentials, which I take with me on trips and weekends away, so ease of use and functionality was a key factor too. Every single one of these products works wonders on the skin even when you’re all hot and bothered!

The Invisible Base:

I’ve been using Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser and love it. It makes a fab summer base if you have oily skin, because there’s an Oil Free version of it and it sill has SPF 20, so you didn’t have to think of using any other protection unless you’re sunbathing or potentially if you’ve been using exfoliating products. In this instance you may want to use a higher SPF product. With Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser your skin texture will look even and gain a healthy glow, nevertheless it will still appear as bare.
Tip: For extra coverage use concealer if you have a couple of imperfections after you’ve applied your tinted moisturiser. It will give you that flawless skin and still look very natural. 

The Never-budging eyeshadow.

I had a couple on the go. Clarins Waterproof Eyeshadow and Laura Mercier’s eyeshadow pen. Both are convenient to use and blend just with your fingers. I love those creamy textures, they are fab if you travel as you won’t need to worry your shadows going to crumble in transit. They also stay put in the heat. Win!

The feline flick

DHC Liquid Liner

DHC Cosmetics liquid liner is my current fave for flicking that line. It’s soft and has just the perfect amount of product. You’ll never see it bleed. You hardly need to press it to see the line on your eyelid. The point is so on point you can create a razor sharp flick, even if you have no idea what you’re doing. Love it! You can grab it from Selfridges on Oxford street or online here, and you should cos it’s amazing! 

The Mascara

Recently I’ve been using Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara. It gives enough length, separation and volume so I don’t have to spend too long doing my makeup. Like most mascaras I like it most after a few weeks when it’s less runny. I’ve been using this mascara on and off for good couple of years now. If you like good separation but want to build a bit of volume fast you can grab it online here.

Lip colour and lip treatment all in one.

Creamy Colour lip balm, Laura Mercier

I like to overdose on the number of lipsticks in my makeup bag, and always carry way more than I need but this season I have been quite good and limited myself to essentials only. These two are rocking my summer makeup bag when it comes to lips. Laura Marcier lipstick is a colour and balm so despite giving you colour it cares for your lips too. I’ve also been obsessively using Clarins lip oil and OMG you guys just must get that stuff because it makes lips so soft and kissable. Great on the go as you don’t even need to look in the mirror to put it on. It’s near translucent so perfect application doesn’t matter but it has as hit of colour making your lips look healthier.

Fix Make-up 

Clarins Fix Makeup spray

This is a hydrating and setting spray from Clarins summer collection. You’ll like it if you’re off to a hot destination this summer. I love it most to refresh makeup by lunch time but I do use it after I’ve applied my makeup to set it too.  You can read more about it here and purchase one from here.
On few occasions I wanted to doll up myself a little this summer. In that instant I have been using The Instant face in a palette from Charlotte Tilbury, which was a limited edition product but you could simply grab Filmstar Bronzer and Glow from Charlotte Tilbury and bluster in Love Glow and you’d achieve the same affect. I just chose to take palette as it was handy to travel with. 

And what’s in your summer must have bag?

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