Sesderma launches in the UK, plus C-Vit serum review.

Bottle of Sesderma C-Vit Serum I’ve tried C-Vit Serum from Sesderma and I’d like to share it with you because a little bit of vitamin C in your skincare goes a long way. Vitamin C is a powerful ingredient so I’m alway happy to try products that are based around it.

Things you need to know about Sesderma

Sesderma is the new Cosmetic brand to hit the UK. It was established 25 years ago in Spain and has been successful ever since internationally. Sesderma is a brand that is known for “listening to your skin”.

Why Vitamin C is so good for you.

You see, Vitamin C is a skin multi-tasker. This ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties, acts as an anti-oxidant and even reduces pigmentation and uneven skin tone. This ingredient is loved by A-list stars too. Halle Berry and Alessandra Ambrosio both admit to using products with vitamin C to keep their skin glowing and fresh. Vitamin C applied topically can also improve the appearance of skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C works to repair free radical damage too.

The science in the C-Vit serum.

C-Vit Serum by Sesderma

Sesderma C-Vit contains Vitamin C in the form of Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, the most effective form of Vitamin C. This form of Vitamin C in Sesderma C-Vit serum is more effective and stable than traditional Vitamin C skincare formulations. For a long time the beauty industry struggled to create a Vitamin C formulation that would be active. In their C-Vit range, Sesderma uses nanotechnology and ethyl ascorbic acid, the industry’s most stable formulation of Vitamin C, which prevents oxidation of this live ingredient and preserves its effectiveness.

The test

Sesderma on my Skin

I was using Sesderma C-Vit Liposomal Serum along with my normal skincare routine. If you’re visiting my page for the first time I think it’s fair to say that I’m genuinely someone who likes to use anti-oxidant infused products. I’m looking for long term benefits with this product, thanks to its anti-oxidant properties as well as brightening effects.

First Impressions

Firstly you’ll notice the scent is delicate, which I like a lot. I don’t see the point of infusing a vitamin C product with a fake smell, or orange, to make me think it’s going to work. This has a subtle citrusy smell, which fades away nearly instantly. The formula feels great too. Light, easy to blend and non-sticky. I’d even dare to say it feels like it helps to hydrate my skin too. I was using this serum in conjunction with my regular skincare; a day cream from Madara and the night clarifying treatment form Dermalogica. I haven’t had a chance to try the full C-Vit range, but I will say you can expect to see faster improvement in the skin condition if you do so. On the other hand it was great to see the serum working perfectly well with other formulations form different brands. I’m aware that we’re not always going to stick to all products from one brand only.

The results

My skin looks more rested. I don’t see any fine lines either. I have only used two anti-ageing products in my skincare routine over the last few months. The Sesderma C-Vit serum and Madara day firming cream. I have a little expression line on my forehead, which I try to take care of, but I won’t be expecting it to disappear with the use of this product, as it’s not what the C-Vit serum is for.

Sesderma C-Vit range has an amazing variety of products from Daily Care, Flash Effect to Deep Skincare products. There is even a skin food supplement on offer. Based on my first impressions with this brand I would happily invest in the C-Vit Radiance Luminous fluid (a day cram) and C-Vit Eye Contour patches. I’m all over the eye patches at the moment. They are just incredible if you need an instant eye fix.

You can find all Sesderma product from the C-Vit range by clicking here.

What results have you experienced when young Vitamin C infused products and which one is your favourite? 

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    Thanks for this review – I literally only just came across this brand today whilst browsing the shelves of a posh pharmacy in Chelsea! Was keen to know whether their range has received favourable reviews as its at a very good price point, which is great!
    In terms of my fave vit C, I’m loving The Ordinary’s C with F at the moment. Its oil based, goes on beautifully and doesnt cause any irritation ;-)

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