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SeanHanna - haircut to siut me best

seanhanna logoMy hair looked twice as full as it was before I walked into the salon. A long swishy fringe to the side added movement and beautifully framed my face. I walked out of the SeanHanna salon educated. I understood what suits me and how I should wear my hair if I want to look good.

At SeanHanna your hair stylist will tell you what hairstyle suits you best.  So when you come for a short trim you may walk out in a bob and you’ll be thrilled about it. Giving your hairdresser complete freedom to do whatever they feel suits you best, certainly can be thrilling! There is only one rule. You have to know that you’re in good hands. Here is how SeanHanna salons ensure that you are!

Stick with the best!

This might be straight forward advice, but when you want a good haircut, stick to the best in the business. When you visit SeanHanna you know that you’re in the hands of a trained team. Hairdressers at SeanHanna are trained by the best in the business. I visited the Putney Salon, home to SeanHanna creative director and L’Oreal  professional ambassador Skyler Mc Donald. We’ve all seen someone with a bad hair cut, or had a friend who had a complete hair disaster. Do your research before you choose a salon. This is especially important when you’re looking for a complete hair style change not just a trim. Finally trust their knowledge and let them do the job, don’t tell them where to cut and how much. You shouldn’t have to.

Hair before - front

You’ll be mapped

At SeanHanna your hairdresser will take you through a specially designed form called ‘Your cut, your way’. Its purpose is to analyse your features. You can be sure your hairdresser truly looked at you and thought through what will be the best hairstyle to suit your face. You’ll be talked through the form, so now you too can understand why selected styles will suit you best. Your hair stylist will than suggest the best haircut. If this is quite different from what you had in mind, together you can come to a consensus on what’s best and what will work for you. Finding out your best hair style.

Your cut your way form

I was told that a long bob at the front with shorter layers at the back was my go to style. I was tempted to go for it, but with a wedding in a couple of years (hopefully) I didn’t want to cut my hair so sort. We still managed to achieve our objective and create a hairstyle which will complement my features. We were looking to increase volume, add movement and come up with a bit more adventurous style. We achieved all of those objectives whilst keeping the length.

The Experience 

One thing that has really stuck with me after my visit to the salon is the features analysis. As a customer I felt looked after and confident that my stylist looked at me as an individual. My stylist made sure I understood what hair cuts suit me best and explained how to style my hair so it complements my features. He listened to my objectives and together we found a common ground.

befor and after shot- showcasing seanhanna haircut
Go to SeanHanna if you’re looking to change your hair style but would like to know that it’s going to be perfect for you. This is where you go if you want your hairdresser to tell you exactly which haircut is best for you!

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