Angel MUSE – new from Thierry Mugler.

Angel MUSE Angel MUSE - new from Thierry Mugler.

“Angel MUSE is attractive and appetising, elegant and magnetic.”

Talking about a perfume sometimes feels a little like reading poetry. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea. If you’re not a ‘nose’, talking about individual ingredients won’t make you understand the scent any better. I don’t think it makes you desire it either. Today I decided to skip the ingredient talk. Here is what you need to know abut the new Angel MUSE.

It’s noting like the original Angel. The day I spritzed it for the first time every single person I met that day complemented my fragrance. The next time I wore it, the same thing happened again.

Angel Muse -Social Beautify

When Mugler says that Angel MUSE is “a never-before experienced, polarising scent that leaves no one indifferent” perhaps he was right  and perhaps it means that you’ll be wrapped in a delicious scented cloud, leaving you unable to pass unnoticed. This might actually be a good thing.

I figured out that when perfumers dress their ingredients in fancy words, they really are describing the scent itself. So I decided to strip off this poetic description of Angel MUSE from all the notes and individual ingredients and put the key words together. I was left with a spot on description of what the Angel MUSE is.

Angle Muse is attractive and appetising, elegant and magnetic.

Angel Muse has launched in stores at the end of April so if you like to smell attractive and appetising, elegant and magnetic you should go to your nearest department store and have a spritz. After all scent is a very individual taste, so it’s up to your nose to decide.

Traditionally all Thierry Mugler fragrances come in refillable bottles, and so does this one. The bottle however has a more gentle and slick design. I like this very much, it fits perfectly in a little handbag.

Angel MUSE 30ml Eau De Parum Refillable cost £45, 50ml £64. In the future you can take your bottle to have it refilled at the counter or purchase 50ml Eco Refill for £54.

Have you tried Angel MUSE? Have you found it attractive and magnetic?

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