New from Algenist. – Elevate eye cream, Revel and Splash range.

Algenist Beauty UK

Algenist’s roots are in San Francisco, this biotechnology brand creates some luscious skincare and with its own labs they thrive on innovation. You can spot Algenist at Space NK stores and now on QVC too. As it’s still new to the UK market let me tell you what’s hot and new from this brand in July.

Lets start from products I was able to test and try at home.

First is the new ELEVATE Firming & Lifting Contouring Eye Cream

Fantastically textured eye cream, right up my street with it’s creamy feel. It’s gong to keep your under eye area hydrated. This is a super powerful formula when it comes to firming and lifting skin sagging around the eye area. It smooths the skin instantly and helps to reduce fine lines in the long run too. It claims to reduce darkness but personally I feel what you really notice when using this eye cream is a lifting and firming of the skin. This cream is launching in July.

When it comes to dark circles I don’t think it’s as powerful as Algenist Genius Anti-Ageing eye cream (which was what I tried in a sample before), but then it’s more about it’s lifting and firming power.

Secondly there is The REVEAL Collection. 

This collection was designed to colour correct. It’s unique because the formula uses naturally occurring red, blue, green and golden algae to camouflage skin imperfections, this way it’s also delivering anti-ageing skincare benefits.

I tried Concentred Corrector in Red Algae, which helps with dullness. I find it’s nicest mixed with my usual moisturiser. It gives very a subtle difference on the skin but makes all the difference if you wish to keep your skin bare but beautiful. Just a little bit more even; just a touch healthier in colour too.

You’ll find Red Algae to correct dullness, Green algae to correct redness, Blue to correct sallowness and finally Golden algae will correct darkness and discolouration.

My favourite is Color Correcting Radiant Primer. 

Infused with a universal tinted pigment, it’s one of the softest and most natural primers I own. It just creates a touch warmer finish to my pale skin, hydrates and gives a delicately brighter appearance. Another fab product if you like make-up that feels weightless on the skin. It helps to perfect your skin a little and helps your make-up to glide on smoothly. Totally could be worn on its own if all you’re looking for is evenness and no coverage.

Things I haven’t had a chance to test at home but tried during the press lunch. 

I rarely mention anything I haven’t tested for a prolonged period of time but I generally feel you should know abut the SPLASH Collection. With summer nearly here and holidays on the horizon a little bit of hydration goes a long way.

Splash is Algenist’s new high performance hydrating range. It instantly pumps hydration into the skin -energising electrolytes to the skin, locking in moisture for long-term hydration.

There are two new products in the range; Splash Absolute Hydration Replenishing Gel Moisturiser and Splash Absolute Hydration Replenishing Sleeping Pack.The second being an overnight sleeping mask. It is that mask that is on my wish list!! I can see it being amazing. Perfect for anyone who travels a lot or if you like a little bit of sunshine now and than. It has the power to restore water loss in your skin and keep it looking plumped for longer.

These are the only products I’ve tried from Aleginst. Let me know is you had a chance to test anything else and how you’re finding it. It’s certainly a brand worth exploring a little more in my opinion. Next time I’m in my local Space NK I shall have a look at some more goodies. :)

Anything you’d recommend?

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