New Hair removal IPL device – Braun Silk Expert

hair removal IPL - Braun Silk Expert

Summer is coming. You’d like a smooth and hairless body but you’re fed up with shaving or waxing?! Considering purchasing a hair removal IPL device? You’re in a right place.

Last month I was sent a Braun Silk Expert hair removal IPL device to put it to the test. Beauty gadgets aren’t cheap, so let’s see if this stuff actually works. Despite the price tag it’s still much cheeper to purchase a device and perform treatments at home in comparison to salon sessions. Before you splash the cash – I put it to the test!

Hair removal IPL review – setting the scene 

In this post you’ll find out key information about the product as well as my first impressions. I’d follow up with a results driven review once I’ve completed the entire 12 weeks of treatments.

What you need to know abut hair removal IPL Braun Silk Expert + Special Beauty Edition

  • You can use it on face and body
  • It’s been clinically tested to ensure safe use
  • It has inbuilt SensoAdapt technology – This technology allows the device to recognise your skin tone and adapt light intensity accordingly.
  • According to the chart in the manual it won’t be effective on light blond, silver and red hair
  • It will work on most skin tones except very dark
  • You must remove hair before using hair removal IPL, but it doesn’t matter what hair removal method you choose.
  • Braun Silk Expert Hair removal IPL can be used on the underarms and bikini, arms and legs as well as facial hair.
  • It has ‘gentle mode’ which you can turn on when treating gentle areas. This will reduce light intensity.
  • Braun Silk Expert hair removal IPL is now available in a special beauty edition with Sonic Body Exfoliator.
  • It’s very easy and quick to use.
  • There’s an iPhone and android app, which you can download to track your treatments and to learn how to use the device to its maximum potential.

How long you need to use Braun Silk Expert hair removal IPL to see results?

It will depend on your skin colour and hair type and density. Braun’s handbook recommends 4-12 weekly treatments to achieve optimum results. After this period you will only run an occasional maintenance treatment. You don’t need to complete the entire 12 weeks if you see faster results, simply switch to the maintenance mode. Your manual will explain how to treat your hair in more detail.

My first impression on Braun Silk Expert Hair removal IPL system 

Braun Silk Expert hair removal IPL

It’s slick, light and comfortable in my hand. It needs to be plugged in during use, but its cord is long enough to operate easily. You’ll feel warmth when the light flashes but it doesn’t hurt so there’s no need to be scared. The light is quite bright and as the device is designed also to be used on the face I’m quite surprised there are no glasses provided. I guess that even if the light isn’t harmful it would be good to have more information on how to protect our eyes or whether or not we should use other shades, such as our usual pair of sunglasses. The manual only recommends to look away, which is fine when you treat your legs but if you’re removing hair from your cheeks it’s quite tricky to look away. No?

The results 

I didn’t expect to see any results till at least after 6-8 treatments, but I have. It’s on my legs and my bikini. I’m seeing the best results on my bikini (excuse the lack of pics to prove it). I had my first bikini laser treatment about 6 years ago, but life got in my way and I never completed the entire course, which left me with my bikini area half treated. My hair was still growing, just not as dense.  It was enough to use hair removal IPL Braun Skink Expert a couple of times to stop pretty much all the hair growth in some areas of my bikini line. This area got very patchy now. To me that’s very convincing, and proof that it does work, so I shall continue.

On my legs on the other hand my hair is weak anyway as I’ve been depilating my limbs for nearly a decade. I depilate every two weeks, but after a week I can usually see quite a bit of hair growth. However after my second hair removal IPL session I hardly noticed any. I’m hoping to see fast results on my legs and I’m interested to see how it’s going to compare to the effects on my arms and underarms, which have never been treated before.

Based on my first impression and my first 3 sessions I’d give this hair removal IPL device the thumbs up!


Braun Silk Expert

I shall see you with an update most likely in a couple of months, when I can give you the full result driven review.

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    get a try karmin :D

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    Hey, i just wanted to ask, it says not to use this device on genital areas however it can be used just on bikini line. Sorry to ask but did you use it all over the bikini area? If so, was it effective everywhere?

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