Fragrance Edit – Most Complimented Scent.

There is a new scent I’ve been wearing over last few months and I’ve never heard “You smell nice ” so often in my life – so I decided to write about my France collection that get people to turn their noses, for the right reasons.

My Top 3 Most Complimented Scents

Right at the top of my most complimented scent is the ‘1707 OR’ (or means gold). This is an oriental floral scent, a gift form Fortnum & Mason Beauty Department. Initially I thought it might be a bit too strong for me but when I tried it on the skin I immediately became allured by it. I haven’t come across anything that smells like it. So I started treating it as my signature scent. At a Dinner party, this was the scent I’d go for because I knew that nobody else would smell the same. 1707 Or is unique. Created for Fortnum & Mason by M. Micallef and exclusively sold only in the Store at Piccadilly Street London or the F&M website here. Initially strong and a little overpowering it quickly settles on the skin and becomes just a trail strong enough for others to notice and one that’s morish. The fragrance features rose, agarwood (oud), vanilla and amber. I have never heard so many compliments about my fragrance as I do when I wear this. It’s definitely one you need to splurge on, but your money is going to be worth every spritz.

1701 Or by Fortum & Mason


Next is a little more manly at first sniff, the Givenchy L’Atelier collection Cuir Blanc which translate as White Leather scent. This has some of my favourite ingredients and I always enjoy putting it on. White leather, white musk and white pepper are the key ingredients. It can feel a little manly at first, particularly if tested on the blotter (little piece of paper for swatching scents) but once it’s on your skin it gets ‘oh you smell gorgeous’ and ‘what is this scent’ comments very often too.

Next is Angel by Thierry Mugler. This fragrance will never get old. Sill a fine scent but a little more affordable, yet equally good when it comes to staying power. One that must be tried on the skin to see how it settles. Check it out if you like to live an environmentally friendly life as you can purchase a refillable bottle, which you take to the counter to refill. (Read More…)

I like to occasionally wear different fragrances depending on the weather and how I want to feel. I might be geeking out here, but on a sunny day I would choose something more floral and fresh than for a sexy dinner date, when I would go for something sexy and oriental?

Here is what’s currently in my collection to mix it up.

17017 Or exclusive to Fortnum & Mason 

Givenchy Cuir Blanc

Angel by Thierry Mugler 

The Body Shop, White Musk

La Vie E Belle Leggere by Lancome 

Oxford by Ruth Mastenbroek   (Read More…)

D&G Luna 18

Armani Code

What’s your favourite fragrance that you’d recommend to try?

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