Instant look in a palette – review.

Instant Look in a Palette


Charlotte Tilbury likes to shake things up in the beauty industry. This time she’s launched a beauty palette called Instant Look in a Palette and everyone has gone mad about it. But is it worth the hype? And why do we love it so much?

We’ve seen many beauty palettes, often pretty to look at but in reality not so handy and useful. Charlotte wanted to create a palette that even those of us who feel a little insecure with a make-up brush in hand would be able to use. This product is probably more for anyone and everyone than any other product in Charlotte’s range. Let me tell you why!

Truly all you need for the face. 

Inside you have three shades of eyeshadow. The shades are very forgiving so even if you’re not too sure where or how to apply them you won’t leave the house looking silly. There is a makeup tutorial on Charlotte’s page to guide you, but soon enough there will be plenty more to add from bloggers alike. There’s the famous Filmstar Bronzer and Glow in the palette too, just a tad different to the original shade. (The sculpt part is a little bit darker and the highlight is a bit more a champagne colour rather than gold. ) And to finish your complexion you’ll find the blusher too. All you need to add is a slick of mascara and lipstick.




Soft Look with just a touch of eye liner and lighter lipstick in ‘Bitch Perfect’

Instant Look in a Palette dolled up

Here I’m wearing ‘Bond Girl’ applied lightly. My eye makeup stayed untouched.

Why we love it?

  • It’s easy to use even if you’ve never done your makeup before
  • It has all you need for the skin and eyes in one palette
  • You’ll love it even if you have already a collection of Charlotte’s products cos it’s perfect for the gal on the go.
  • It’s versatile too, you can wear it softly or doll it up with a bit of liner, one more coat of mascara and a deeper shade of lipstick.

Why is it so good?

  • The quality goes without saying.
  • The shadows are absolutely fabulous to work with; they have a creamy powdery feel so they blend like a dream.
  • The colours are cleverly selected, making the entire palette easy to use, very flattering on the skin and they suit most skin tones (besides those of you with genuinely dark skin tones) . However I’ve heard a little gossip that there might be a darker palette in the making for African and Asian skin tones. Having everything in one place means you can just focus on product application, the sizes also all offer a decent amount of product.

I bought mine the day it launched on the website, simply because I thought it’d be handy for travel. Even though the colour differences are very subtle from some of the products I already own, I can still see the difference on the skin. I’ve been getting loads of complements about the look achieved from the palette, so I end up using it nearly every day.

Buy or not to buy.

Ha ha you’re asking the wrong person. I love so many products from Charlotte Tilbury’s range I’d say yes! But on a serious note, I think it’s a fab purchase and one you won’t regret. £49 for a face palette may not be cheap but in terms of premium beauty product and what you’re getting for the price – you can’t get much better. You’ll have 3 eye shadows, a blusher and a bronzer with highlight in it. I’m sure that if you’d try to buy each element separately in a drug store it would probably add up to more money, and nowhere near the quality!

I say grab one before it goes, this is intended to be a limited edition item, but I hope it’ll stay for good.

What Charlotte Tilbury uses to complete the Instant Look in a Palette

To fully doll up this look you’ll need;

Audrie eye liner. This has lovely powdery texture. It’s soft and easy to use.

Lip Cheat in ‘Pillow Talk‘. It’s Charlotte’s take on the lip liner – it’s the best one you’ll ever own.

Lipstick in “Bitch Perfect‘ for an everyday soft look or ‘Bond Girl‘ from the Matt Revolution range for a dolled up version.

Who’s got the palette and love it, hands up? Who’s going to get one hands up?

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