Clarins Boosters – For Energy, for Repair and for Detox.

Clarins Boosters

Clarins has got something new to boost our skin. They’re a Super Woman must-have. A sleep-deprived Mum’s best friend, a party-animal’s life saver. Clarins BOOSTERS will get you glowing skin whatever your lifestyle! At least that’s what they say on the box.

Clarins Boosters are the newest addition to the their skincare family. We already have Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Boosters – a made to measure self tanner, which was a hit. The launch of skin boosters to fight signs of daily struggle on our skin is beyond exciting. These little tubes allow you to add some extra kick to your moisturiser. It means you can stick to a moisturiser you like and get additional benefits depending on your skin’s needs. I’m writing this as Boosters just landed in stores and a couple of boosters slipped through my letter box. I haven’t had a chance to test them yet, but I just love the idea and really wanted to give you heads up.

Well… I just sneaked out to the bathroom to have a go. I couldn’t resist. My initial observation is that you won’t even know you’ve added anything to your moisturiser. There’s no smell and you wont’t feel the texture of your cream changing either. For a result based review you’ll have to wait a little longer – watch this space. Saying this I’m very excited, because I always find Clarins products effective.

Three little Boosters…

There are three different Boosters, highly concentrated and packed with active ingredients and plant extracts to address different skin complaints. Let’s have a closer look.

BOOSTER Energy with ginseng extract, which is known for it’s stimulating properties . Clarins says this Booster tones and re-energises skin whilst minimising signs of fatigue and reviving radiance.

According to Clarins it’s best for:

  • Late nights
  • Hectic lifestyle (That’s me all over)
  • Long haul travel
  • Fatigue

Next there’s BOOSTER Repair, designed for weakened skin with mimosa tenuiflora extract. Mimosa is known for its repairing properties. Clarins claims this booster reduces discomfort and redness and is going to optimise the skin’s strength. It’s perfect for:

  • Sunburn
  • Extreme climates
  • Hard, salt or chlorinated water

Finally BOOSTER Detox. Clarins says this provides detox care for congested skin. Its formula contains green coffee extract. High in caffeine it’s known for its detoxifying properties. BOOSTER Detox revives radiance and plumps the skin.  It’s perfect for:

  • Partying
  • Overindulgence
  • Extreme pollution

I was kindly sent BOOSTER Energy and BOOSTR Detox to try. I’m going to start with BOOSTER Energy as my skin is as grey and dull as it can get. I shall report back on my results in due course.  In the mean time if you fancy picking one up anyway these Boosters come in a 15ml dropper bottle and are priced at £30 each. Click on the name of the booster you like and link with take you to Clarins’ page where you can order them online if you can’t wait any second longer!

Let me know how you get on with BOOSTERS.

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