Luxury Lip Balm: The Revitalising Lip Treatment.

Luxury Lip Balm - EviDens De Beaute Revitalising Lip Treatment

WOW! I doubt lip treatments can get any better than this! I mean seriously, the texture is more like that of a luxury face cream, a little creamy and a little balmy. It smells divine; of roses when you apply it on your lips. Rose smell can sometimes be a little outdated but trust me there isn’t anything outdated about this little pot of goodness.

This is new Revitalising Lip Treatment form EviDens De Beaute. It’s a new anti-ageing lip treatment. EviDens (French – Japanese luxury skincare brand) claims it’s all you’ll need for your skin to regain firmness, radiance, softness and density, for younger looking lips.

How does the magic happen?

The Revitalising Lip Treatment helps to prevent ageing and correct existing visible signs of ageing by improving collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis. It also creates a protective barrier against environmental aggressors.

EviDens De Beaute is known for using patented Triple Collagen, an exclusive to the brand’s ingredients. This gorgeous lip balm is infused with various oils and waxes, which will provide care, and repair to your lips too.

EviDens says its formula is addictive and OMG-gosh I have to agree with this 100%. I totally love it. I’m using it usually twice a day. In the morning and in the evening.

Look this way if you’d like a product that will care for your lips as well as the area around your lips. It’s perfect to smooth skin around your mouth, and get rid of the ‘barcode effect’ around your lips. You know, those little fine lines that make your lipstick bleed.

I have been using this balm for about 3 weeks now, perhaps even longer. I can now start to see an improvement around my lip area and it feels like my lip line is more prominent.

Priced at £49 it’s not your average lip balm, but you’d absolutely love it. I’m glad to see this product being added to the existing fantastic range that EviDens has on offer. I feel at times there aren’t enough choices of luxury anti-ageing lip treatments. I think you’ll agree with me that at some point in our lives we’d pay any price to get rid of those little lines around our mouth!

At this moment in time EviDens De Beaite Revitalising Lip Treatment is right at the top of my favourite lip treatments list.

I love it and  I think you’d too.

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