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There are many reviews out there about the Magic Foundation and they all say more less the same thing. It’s good! Magic Foundation is very good! It’s probably one of the best you can currently get! I agree, but I’ve not always thought exactly the same as other bloggers…

Do you find the finish isn’t as nice as you thought it would be? Have you got caught up in the hype? Read on…

Let’s look at some important features to see how you get the most out of this amazing foundation.

  1. It’s versatile; everyone talks about the coverage with Magic Foundation, and yes it can cover pretty much anything and everything on the skin, when used correctly. It’s often compared to Double Wear from Estee Lauder or Tient Idol 24h from Lancome. However add a couple of easy makeup artistry tricks and you can achieve a light and dewy finish despite Magic Foundation having a demi-mat finish. It’ll still have all day lasting power. Your trick is to use Charlotte’s Wonder Glow as a primer and apply your foundation with the Magic Complexion brush. Just with the tip of the brush skim your skin as if you were trying to lightly airbrush your complexion.
  2. The Magic Complexion brush is the only tool to use. Don’t be fooled by the reviews telling you fingers or blenders or anything else will do. It won’t!! You simply won’t get the full potential of this product otherwise. Magic Foundation looks and lasts better when applied very lightly to the skin with the Magic Complexion brush. This brush has very fine bristles and that’s what gives you that very light, airbrushed finish. Use another tool and you’re going to waste your product or compromise on the finish. With a flat foundation brush or BeautyBlender you won’t be able to create that lightweight finish.
  3. Less is more. One pump is all you need (99% of the time) for the entire face if you work with it correctly. Pump it to the back of your hand and work some of it into your brush. Very little product at a time, you’ll find it’s easer to work with and you’ll achieve more of an airbrushed finish on the skin. Hold your Magic Complexion brush lightly by the end and move it in circular motions to ‘buff’ into the skin. You don’t want to be applying too much pressure, you want your brush to lightly skim your skin.
  4. Use concealer. Better still, use Charlotte’s Retoucher – this is THE concealer and skin perfector you need to achieve red carpet worthy skin. Rather than taking your Magic Foundation all the way to your eyes use this product instead it will give your eyes a fresher appearance. You can also use it to cover up spots or pigmentation areas if they’re still showing. Retoucher has very quickly become my go to product. I always have to have a spare. It works wonders on the skin and always looks like your second skin. It’s easy to use, as Charlotte has designed it to be used with fingers. Infused with black tea extract and a lipid layer it’s fab for touching up throughout the day too. It looks phenomenal on mature skin too!!! 
  5. Moisturise. No matter how good your foundation is if you don’t prep your skin you’ll struggle to achieve a flawless finish and lasting power. Magic Foundation is a water based foundation, however it sill makes the difference if you skip moisturiser. The nature of my job means I’ve tried it with various moisturisers and textures. I like it most with creams that deliver both hydration and support to the lipidic layers of the skin. Charlotte’s Magic cream is fab too. I always use it to moisturise whenever I know my, or one of my clients’ skin, has to last all day and look flawless.

I hope this will help you to get the most out of this amazing product. Magic Foundation is truly great on any skin type or any age, but it must be used wisely.

Let me know if any of these tips helped you to achieve better results with your product. xxx

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    What a great post and a great reminder of basic techniques we all can forget.. But I’m glad someone reminded me hehe.. How do u compare wonder glow to chanel le blanc or Mac strobe..I’m out shopping tomorrow n would love your input xxx

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