I’m back

Ewa Pietreniuk for Social Beautify

I’m back!

All services will resume as usual…I promise!

I thought you wouldn’t notice I have been slacking off here and on my YouTube channel over the last few months. You did, and I had some of the sweetest comments and concerns. You were asking where I disappeared to, and telling me how much you enjoy watching my videos and reading my posts. This means the world to me, because running a blog can be a lonely job and so it feel at times like no one will ever miss me, no one will notice. I was wrong and I’m very glad about it!!

Let me explain the silence.

I have moved house. Mr.D and Isabelle the cat too!

The house move didn’t however go as smoothly as we were hoping for.

Stuck in temporary accommodation, with our entire life packed in boxes and locked in storage, working on my regular schedule was simply impossible.

No camera or space to film videos. No space to store my products and no clear thinking space! Simply put – blogger nightmare.

Four months later we’re finally in our new home and I’m finally working my way through a pile of blogs and emails, trying to organise a list of stores I’d like to share with you and products you must hear about.

New Home.

Thank you for hanging around for me and thank you for checking on Social Beautify and showing me that you care.

Loads of new posts is coming your way, so brace yourself! Keep checking my Instagram, I’m always there as I love taking pictures and being inspired by them. I finally got to grips with Snapchat where you can find me @Socialbeauify and of course YouTube.



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